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    [MM-13341] Add an upgrade test to verify schema (#10419) · a9c327c0
    Sandeep Sukhani authored
    * [MM-13341] Add an upgrade test to verify schema
    Upgrade test is done by following steps:
    1. A mysql dump generated from v4.10.0 is imported in a database and is ran through migration code
    2. Another fresh database is generated without any initial data, which gets latest schema.
    3. Diff between these 2 databases is generated using mysqldiff tool from mysql utilities
    For db setup, version cli command is used which takes care of migration or setup of fresh db
    * Using 5.7 tag for mysql docker image which is already used for db setup
    * Starting docker containers for db before running tests
    * Using db from v5.0.0 for migration test
    * Added migration test for psql and made some improvements in running commands in docker
    * Add postgres db dump file
    * Updated message
    * moved dump files to scripts and using error code from diff command
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