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    MM-13893: refactor config (#10230) · 3a717091
    Jesse Hallam authored
    * refactor utils/config* to config/
    * pull validateLdapFilter into app
    * clean up Config/GetConfig/GetSanitizedConfig usage
    Eliminate app.GetConfig() in favour of just using app.Config() directly,
    but expose app.GetSanitizedConfig() for when the old behaviour was
    * web: isolate config setup
    * TestInvitePeopleProvider: make config explicit
    * regenerateClientConfig: avoid racey map access
    * integrate watch flag into app.ConfigFile option
    * make app.Option return an error
    * release.mk: only cp static files from config/
    * release.mk: fix cp static files from config/
    * api4: TestPlugin cleanup
    * s/c/cfg/ for clarity
    * fix merge conflict
    * testlib: allow customization of testlib driver name
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