Unverified Commit 608ac4f6 authored by Dan Maas's avatar Dan Maas Committed by Hanzei

Update NOTICE.txt (#10773)

- go-i18n is using a forked version now
- misc package metadata updates
parent 993b28db
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
This product contains 'gziphandler' by The New York Times.
Golang middleware to gzip HTTP responses
Go middleware to gzip HTTP responses
* https://github.com/NYTimes/gziphandler
......@@ -2393,9 +2393,9 @@ SOFTWARE.
## minio/minio-go
This product contains 'minio-go' by Minio Cloud Storage.
This product contains 'minio-go' by Object Storage for AI.
Minio Client SDK for Go
MinIO Client SDK for Go
* https://github.com/minio/minio-go
......@@ -2608,18 +2608,18 @@ Minio Client SDK for Go
* This package includes the following NOTICE:
Copyright 2015-2017 Minio, Inc.
Copyright 2015-2017 MinIO, Inc.
## nicksnyder/go-i18n
This product contains 'go-i18n' by Nick Snyder.
This product contains 'go-i18n' by Mattermost, modified (forked) from original GitHub repo 'nicksnyder/go-i18n' owned by Nick Snyder.
Translate your Go program into multiple languages.
* https://github.com/nicksnyder/go-i18n
* https://github.com/mattermost/go-i18n
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