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      MM-8796: Full implementation of "Schemes" in Store/Model/App layers. (#8357) · cd55c44c
      George Goldberg authored
      * Add Scheme model and stub store.
      * Port ChannelStore to be Scheme aware.
      * Make almost all the API/APP layer work with ChannelSchemes.
      Only thing still hacky is UpdateChannelMemberRoles().
      * Add basic SchemeStore implementation.
      * Migrate UpdateChannelMemberRoles properly and fix tests.
      * Update store tests and mocks so they work.
      * Include creating default roles in Scheme create store function.
      * Implement role deletion and start scheme deletion.
      * Only use non-deleted roles for authorization.
      * Add GetByScheme method to Team store.
      * Add GetChannelsByScheme.
      * Update store mocks.
      * Implement scheme deletion in the store.
      * Rename is valid function.
      * Add offset and limit to queries to fetch teams and channels by scheme.
      * Fix queries.
      * Implement scheme awareness in Team store and add a migration.
      * Tidy up ChannelStore mapping functions and add exhaustive unit tests.
      * Add all missing i18n.
      * Proper tests for TeamStore internal functions and fix them.
      * Make additional TeamMember fields nullable.
      * Make new ChannelMember fields nullable.
      * Create new nullable columns without defaults.
      * Make new fields in large tables nullalble.
      * Fix empty list of TeamMembers.
      * Deduplicate SQL queries.
      * Fix spelling.
      * Fix review comment.
      * More review fixes.
      * More review fixes.