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    #MM-12130 changes for custom service terms (#9450) · af275fe9
    Harshil Sharma authored
    * #MM-12130 changes for custom service terms
    * Fixed styling
    * Added getServiceTerms API
    * removed unnecessary panic
    * removed custom service terms text from flat config
    * reverted user sql store as those changes are no longer needed
    * added tests
    * Updated a config key to be more standard
    * Added copyright info
    * Loading service terms only if the feature is enabled
    * Loading service terms only if the feature is enabled
    * removed unused index
    * added createservice termns API
    * made a param to bool instead of string
    * added createservice termns API
    * review fixes
    * fixed styling
    * Minor refactoring
    * removed saveConfig and loadConfig magic
    * added empty service terms text check to createServiceTerms API
    * refactoed some urls to be terms_of_service instead of service_terms
    * removed check for support settings
    * changed URLs in tests
    * removed unused code
    * fixed a bug
    * added service termd id in conif
    * fixed a test
    * review fixes
    * minor fixes
    * Fixed TestCreateServiceTerms
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