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    [MM-10117] Add support to add/delete and enable/disable plugins via CLI (#8745) · f57d279d
    Santos Solorzano authored
    * Testing caching for emojis
    * MM-10117 Add support to add/delete and activate/deactivate plugins via CLI
    * Removing old work
    * MM-10117 Moved files and addedd plugin test
    * MM-10117 Renamed commands to enable/disable and updated add test
    * MM-10117 Finished plugin test and improved error message for plugin commands
    * MM-10117 Fixing plugin directories for test
    * MM-10117 Renamed commands and updated commands to support multiple plugins
    * MM-10117 Updating removed to deleted textclear
    * MM-10117 Fixing nil pointer error for listing plugins
    * MM-10117 Removing fileReader close
    * MM-10117 Declaring error for GetPlugins
    * MM-10117 Removing unnecessary nil check
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