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    [MM-12396] Option to add user to a channel from the profile pop-over (#1918) · 0a1acaaa
    Michael Kochell authored
    * basic feature complete
    Add to channel button is shown when user has manage private or public channel members permission.
    Channel filtering is based on permissions.
     #Styling of error message.
    add tests for profile_popover and add_user_to_channel_modal
    channel search with permissions provider is tested
    permission gate used in favor of boolean prop for showing "add user to channel" button in profile popover
    remove webrtc from i18n and profile_popover props
    use form tag to make sure pressing enter submits the form
    update snapshot
    requested changes added
    move tests to be next to source code
    fix onHide call in handleInviteError. change class names to id's
    make variable/property name changes and method name changes
    * fix merge conflicts
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