Commit 77035314 authored by Saturnino Abril's avatar Saturnino Abril Committed by Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior
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fix permission error on channel_converted event (#1301)

parent 067db6f3
......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ import {batchActions} from 'redux-batched-actions';
import {ChannelTypes, EmojiTypes, PostTypes, TeamTypes, UserTypes, RoleTypes, GeneralTypes, AdminTypes} from 'mattermost-redux/action_types';
import {WebsocketEvents, General} from 'mattermost-redux/constants';
import {
......@@ -19,6 +18,7 @@ import {Client4} from 'mattermost-redux/client';
import {getCurrentUser, getCurrentUserId, getStatusForUserId} from 'mattermost-redux/selectors/entities/users';
import {getMyTeams} from 'mattermost-redux/selectors/entities/teams';
import {getConfig} from 'mattermost-redux/selectors/entities/general';
import {getChannel} from 'mattermost-redux/selectors/entities/channels';
import {browserHistory} from 'utils/browser_history';
import {loadChannelsForCurrentUser} from 'actions/channel_actions.jsx';
......@@ -305,9 +305,18 @@ function handleEvent(msg) {
// handleChannelConvertedEvent handles updating of channel which is converted from public to private
function handleChannelConvertedEvent(msg) {
const channelId =;
if (channelId) {
const channel = getChannel(getState(), channelId);
if (channel) {
type: ChannelTypes.RECEIVED_CHANNEL,
data: {, type: General.PRIVATE_CHANNEL},
function handleChannelUpdatedEvent(msg) {
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