Commit fab5ab96 authored by Jason Blais's avatar Jason Blais Committed by George Goldberg

Marking data retention as beta in the sidebar (#81)

* Update admin_sidebar.jsx

* Update en.json
parent eca9cd1e
......@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ export default class AdminSidebar extends React.Component {
defaultMessage='Data Retention Policy'
defaultMessage='Data Retention Policy (Beta)'
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
"add_outgoing_webhook.triggerWordsTriggerWhenFullWord": "First word matches a trigger word exactly",
"add_outgoing_webhook.triggerWordsTriggerWhenStartsWith": "First word starts with a trigger word",
"add_users_to_team.title": "Add New Members To {teamName} Team",
"admin.sidebar.data_retention": "Data Retention Policy",
"admin.sidebar.data_retention": "Data Retention Policy (Beta)",
"admin.data_retention.title": "Data Retention Policy (Beta)",
"admin.data_retention.deletionJobStartTime.description": "Set the start time of the daily scheduled data retention job. Choose a time when fewer people are using your system. Must be a 24-hour time stamp in the form HH:MM.",
"admin.data_retention.deletionJobStartTime.example": "E.g.: \"02:00\"",
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