1. 06 Feb, 2018 18 commits
  2. 05 Feb, 2018 15 commits
  3. 03 Feb, 2018 1 commit
  4. 02 Feb, 2018 6 commits
    • Harrison Healey's avatar
      Used a fragment to reduce code duplication in sidebar (#699) · 2b97f70a
      Harrison Healey authored
      * Used a fragment to reduce code duplication in sidebar
      * Updating snapshots
    • Joram Wilander's avatar
      ABC-122 Handle custom emojis in channel header and login page (#677) · f0f7ec9b
      Joram Wilander authored
      * Temporary redux commit
      * Add async custom emoji loading to channel header
      * Handle emojis in login page banner text
      * Update mattermost-redux
      * Fix accidental removal
    • Stephen Kiers's avatar
      Plt 8299- updated removeEventEmmiters to addEE's so they work (#702) · 8c7f189b
      Stephen Kiers authored
      * Fix ModalListener ‘memory leak’ issue
      * switched to arrow functions
      * matched removes to adds
      * remove unused func
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      ABC-178: polyfill URLSearchParams (#694) · 2e0beb53
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * ABC-178: polyfill URLSearchParams
      IE11 and the current Edge don't support URLSearchParams, newly
      introduced as part of the react-router upgrades. This completely
      prevents Mattermost from working. The newest Edge in preview does
      support URLSearchParams and renders without issue.
      * ABC-178: use exact version
    • Joram Wilander's avatar
      ABC-92 Add paging and server search for custom emojis to emoji picker (#657) · 6f9fa7b0
      Joram Wilander authored
      * Add paging and server search for custom emojis to emoji picker
      * Don't try to load custom emojis when disabled
      * Updates per feedback
      * Update mattermost-redux
    • Hyeseong Kim's avatar
      [PLT-91] Change URLs of Direct Messages to usernames and more+ (#189) · b42c94a7
      Hyeseong Kim authored
      * Change the message identifier rules
      Worked on team routes.
      - Channel Route: /channels/{channel_name}
      - GM Route: /messages/{group_id}
      - DM Route: /messages/@{username}
      - Fail Route: /channels/{default_channel_name}
      Worked on redirection rules.
      - /channels/{channel_id} -> Channel Route
      - /channels/{id1}__{id2} -> DM Route
      - /messages/{user_id} -> DM Route
      - /messages/{user_email} -> DM Route
      - /channels/{group_id} -> GM Route
      - Any other routes -> Fail Route
      (Let me know if needs more handling)
      * Fix the problem on switching to group channel & Remove all useless await
      * Change the direct channel url of sidebar
      * Change the direct channel url of profile popover
      * Change message identifier router to pure component
      * Change the url of direct channel immediately when the username is changed
      * Set the testURL to http://localhost:8065 to pass the test. snapshots updated
      * Change the constants style to CAPITAL_SNAKE_CASE
      * Fix a bug that URL is changed with unexpected context
      * Rename MessageIdentifierRouter -> ChannelIdentifierRouter