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    Gfycat integration (#1367) · 87839c96
    Kenny Au authored
    * Gfycat integration
    * Added headers to resolve make check-style.
    * Updated tests.
    * Removed gfycat analytics.
    * Added '(Beta)' to GIF system console.
    * Added gfycat API credentials to admin console.
    * Removed gfycatSdk.
    * Only enable gif picker if gfycat credentials are specified.
    * Updated gfycat credentials description on admin console.
    * Ran check-style.
    * Revert check for gfycat api credentials.
    * Updated package.json to latest redux commit.
    * Deleted unused stylesheets.
    * Changed Components to PureComponents.
    * Re-added emoji preview which might have been removed from merge conflict.
    * Fixed make check-style errors.
    * Minor updates to Gfycat System Console text
    * Add missing strings to en.json
    * Use image proxy.
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