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    Config to make town square read only (#7140) · 0a9c047a
    David Meza authored
    * Be able to make Town Square read-only (Disable typing messages for non admins).
    * Do not emit UserTypingEvent when TownSquareIsReadOnly and is Town Square.
    * Add unit tests for TownSquareIsReadOnly config value and logic.
    * Add TownSquareIsReadOnly to System console>Policy. Added Telemetry.
    * Add control for TownSquareIsReadOnly=true only for License Enterprise Edition E10 & E20.
    * Update en.json
    * Update en.json
    * Update policy_settings.jsx
    * Change config value from TownSquareIsReadOnly to ExperimentalTownSquareIsReadOnly.
    * Refactored to simplify. Avoid code repeat and multiple db calls.
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