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    MM-9787: Transition [lr]hs open state to redux, fixing Safari race condition. (#991) · c3b1c2ff
    Jesse Hallam authored
    * move the [lr]hs open state into redux
    This eliminates race conditions around toggling classes all over the
    code base in an attempt to slide the various components around. It also
    has the nice side effect of getting rid of doStrangeThings.
    WebRTC remains in beta, and remains functional with these changes, but
    the absolute minimum set of changes were made to integrate the old flux
    store with the new state. This remains intentionally hacky, as the
    medium-term vision is to rip this feature out and replace it as a
    * fix a rendering issue with PermalinkView
    Now that opening the sidebar triggers a re-render (vs. just toggling
    classes), the PermalinkView would incorrectly transition between valid
    and invalid internal states even if the target permalink hadn't changed.
    This resulted in a flashing when opening the sidebar, e.g. to view
    flagged messages. This restricts the handling of a permalink event to
    when the post id has actually changed.
    * remove unused initTeamChangeActions in lhs actions
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