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    Add AutoResponder settings (#890) · 4da784fc
    Stan Chan authored
    * Add AutoResponder settings
    Add trailing commas
    Include Out Of Office option in StatusDropdown
    Add OOO Support for ResetStatusModal
    Ignore desktop notification if Out Of Office
    Generalize reset_status_modal
    includes resetting to:
    * Online
    * Away
    * Do Not Disturb
    * Offline
    Refactor Modal Listener for ResetStatusModal
    Minor cleanup
    showResetStatusModal if user types status slash command
    Minor refactor for globalActions.showResetStatusModal
    Update currentUserSatus in reset_status_modal
    Add copy for AutoResponder hint
    Fix eslint errors
    Update snapshot tests
    Update typo in en.json
    Update typo in snapshot
    Fix header for Auto Responder options
    Refactor ManageAutoReply
    Add name consistency with the feature "auto responder"
    * Update Copy of the Auto Responder settings
    * Change Automatic Reply to bot styling
    * Add ExperimentalEnableAutomaticReplies flag
    * Fix regression with Auto Responder Comment support
    * Fix test to accept userIsOutOfOffice
    * Fix OOF copy from review
    * Enable ResetStatusModal if OutOfOffice status is set
    * Change copy for modal when OOF status
    * Apply nonhover style with divider in status dropdown for OOF status
    * Change OOF status text
    * Fixed failures in check-styles and test
    * Add key props in div array
    * Localize AutoResponder and Bot names
    * Use direct comparison where possible
    * Move from ModalStore to redux actions for ResetStatusModal
    * Update test
    * Add unit test for ManageAutoResponder
    * Add OOF status, same weight as offline
    * Add test for rendering ResetStatusModal for OOF status