Commit 7060a5b2 authored by Alex Moon's avatar Alex Moon Committed by Christopher Speller

[PLT-959] Browser Compatibility (#6945)

* Error page implimentation

* Update Browser Compatibility check to check Chrome, FF, IE, Edge, and Safai

* Update strings with proper edge version

* undo uneeded changes and move to go template.

* more unneeded additions

* eliminate js and add local triangle

* fix typo

* Correct debug logging of browser version

* Modify Browser Check to pass user_agent object only and write test.

* Fix chrome version typo and correct testing change that broke chrome UA chack

* simplity browser version detection by using maps instead of string splitting
parent 7f52f613
......@@ -1455,11 +1455,14 @@
"emoji_picker.recent": "Recently Used",
"": "Search",
"emoji_picker.symbols": "Symbols",
"error.generic.title": "Error",
"error.generic.message": "An error has occurred.",
"error.generic.link_message": "Back to Mattermost",
"": "Back to Mattermost",
"error.generic.message": "An error has occurred.",
"error.local_storage.help1": "Enable cookies",
"error.local_storage.help2": "Turn off private browsing",
"error.local_storage.help3": "Use a supported browser (IE 11, Chrome 43+, Firefox 38+, Safari 9, Edge)",
"error.local_storage.help3": "Use a supported browser (IE 11, Chrome 43+, Firefox 52+, Safari 9, Edge 40+)",
"error.local_storage.message": "Mattermost was unable to load because a setting in your browser prevents the use of its local storage features. To allow Mattermost to load, try the following actions:",
"error.not_found.link_message": "Back to Mattermost",
"error.not_found.message": "The page you were trying to reach does not exist",
......@@ -322,7 +322,8 @@ if (TEST) {
{from: 'images/logo-email.png', to: 'images'},
{from: 'images/circles.png', to: 'images'},
{from: 'images/favicon', to: 'images/favicon'},
{from: 'images/appIcons.png', to: 'images'}
{from: 'images/appIcons.png', to: 'images'},
{from: 'images/warning.png', to: 'images'}
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