1. 29 Jun, 2018 4 commits
  2. 28 Jun, 2018 7 commits
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      MM-11036: subpath eliminate hardcoded /static/ (#1389) · 711bef17
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * include window.basename when resolving emojis via the EmojiStore
      * load img_trans.gif via webpack to automatically point into subpath
      * use webpack-pwa-manifest to manage manifest.json
      This plugin also handled injecting <link rel="apple-touch-icon" ... />
      and <meta name="apple-*" ... /> tags into root.html.
    • wiersgallak's avatar
      Href corrections to file setting descriptions (#1387) · 01ed3d04
      wiersgallak authored
      * Correction to the href hyperlinks to docs
      Updates to fix broken hyperlinks in href default help text under Amazon S3 Access Key ID and Enable Server-Side Encryption for Amazon S3.  Also add target=blank to open in new tab default help text with hyperlink under Image Proxy Type.
      * Fix href hyperlinks in default help text
      Updates to fix broken hyperlinks in href default help text under Amazon S3 Access Key ID.  Also add target=blank to open in new tab default help text with hyperlink under Image Proxy Type.
      * add missed help_text_html in admin_definitions file
    • Sudheer's avatar
      MM-9479 Add ability to join team and channel through url (#1372) · 2da462fd
      Sudheer authored
      * MM-9479 Add ability to join team and channel through url
       * If the url belongs to an unjoined team try to join and
         before redirecting to default team
       * Add tests to check join logic
      * Fix review comments
      * Add error routes for channel and team
       * Update snapshots with channel and team error pages.
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    • Asaad Mahmood's avatar
      MM-10700 - Updating image preview modal (#1380) · 4be39c68
      Asaad Mahmood authored
      * MM-10700 - Updating modal preview css
      * Updating modal height
      * Updating imagemodal css
      * Updating image css
      * Updating modal css on mobile
    • Asaad Mahmood's avatar
      Minor Bug fixes (#1383) · 9e2e0f57
      Asaad Mahmood authored
      * MM-10959 - Fixing emoji picker in rhs
      * MM-10988 - Truncating image name in RHS
      * Updating image block
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      replace a well-intentioned &nbsp; with a ' ' instead (#1390) · 83edb16b
      Jesse Hallam authored
      The code looks to ensure there is a space between the end of the opengraph text and the expand/contract icon. However, after some refactorings, the &nbsp; in question ended up inside a string, and only conditionally displayed. Simplify all of this with just the necessary {' '} that accomplishes the desired purpose in React.
  3. 27 Jun, 2018 3 commits
  4. 26 Jun, 2018 2 commits
  5. 25 Jun, 2018 5 commits
  6. 22 Jun, 2018 6 commits
    • Eric Sethna's avatar
      Text change: Promote Elasticsearch out of Beta (#1373) · baefe99e
      Eric Sethna authored
      * Update elasticsearch_settings.jsx
      * Update admin_sidebar.jsx
      * Update en.json
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      MM-10368: react-router subpath (#1348) · e8e1219d
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * use Link in Textbox
      Introduce react-router-enzyme-context to enable unit testing of same
      with `mount` vs. `shallow`.
      * leverage browserHistory in SystemUsersDropdown
      Note that the demotion modal isn't actually being shown at present: the
      transition of self from system admin to regular member is done without
      confirmation after a partial refactor last year.
      * leverage browserHistory in Authorize
      * leverage Link in SignupController
      * leverage browserHistory in UserSettingsSecurity
      * extract base path from config's SiteURL on logout
      * move __webpack_public_path__ into entry.js
      This ensures that the other imports aren't hoisted above the definition.
      Additionally re-export the public path back onto window.publicPath to
      cover development environments.
      * rely on window.basename in autolinkChannelMentions
      While globals should generally be avoided, this is one of only two
      places where `window.basename` is used. Moving it into the store and
      rewriting the text rendering to pass down (or wrap) the necessary state
      may be premature, given the pre-existing need for this variable to be
      * update getSiteURL to respect subpath
      Additionally leverage getSiteURL over accessing window.* directly.
      * strip any trailing slash before appending the ws pathname
      * lint fixes
      * use window.location.originw when SiteURL not defined
    • Asaad Mahmood's avatar
      MM-10064 - Updating title for icons (#1256) · 983635d8
      Asaad Mahmood authored
      * MM-10064 - Updating title for icons
      * Updating activity log icon
      * Updating menu icon
      * Updating unrelated code change
      * Updating plus icon
      * Updating tests
      * Updating localised strings
      * Updating Utils typo
    • Saturnino Abril's avatar
      clean up combined_system_message (#1347) · 7597360c
      Saturnino Abril authored
    • Christopher Speller's avatar
      Upgrading dependencies. (#1369) · 7db94956
      Christopher Speller authored
      * Upgrading dependencies.
      * Fixing tests and jest.
    • Jesús Espino's avatar
      MM-8810: Add CSV Compliance export (#1355) · 5fd32dc8
      Jesús Espino authored
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