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    MM-10368: react-router subpath (#1348) · e8e1219d
    Jesse Hallam authored
    * use Link in Textbox
    Introduce react-router-enzyme-context to enable unit testing of same
    with `mount` vs. `shallow`.
    * leverage browserHistory in SystemUsersDropdown
    Note that the demotion modal isn't actually being shown at present: the
    transition of self from system admin to regular member is done without
    confirmation after a partial refactor last year.
    * leverage browserHistory in Authorize
    * leverage Link in SignupController
    * leverage browserHistory in UserSettingsSecurity
    * extract base path from config's SiteURL on logout
    * move __webpack_public_path__ into entry.js
    This ensures that the other imports aren't hoisted above the definition.
    Additionally re-export the public path back onto window.publicPath to
    cover development environments.
    * rely on window.basename in autolinkChannelMentions
    While globals should generally be avoided, this is one of only two
    places where `window.basename` is used. Moving it into the store and
    rewriting the text rendering to pass down (or wrap) the necessary state
    may be premature, given the pre-existing need for this variable to be
    * update getSiteURL to respect subpath
    Additionally leverage getSiteURL over accessing window.* directly.
    * strip any trailing slash before appending the ws pathname
    * lint fixes
    * use window.location.originw when SiteURL not defined
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