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    Refactor Modals, ChannelHeader and Navbar component (#1666) · a0b36ae4
    Hyeseong Kim authored
    * Refactor duplicated RenameChannelModal component
    Remove duplicated RenameChannelModal code from Navbar and ChannelHeader, Use ModalController instead
    * Refactor duplicated EditChannelPurposeModal comp
    - Remove duplicated EditChannelPurposeModal code from ChannelHeader and
    - Use ModalController instead of to use it directly
    - Change the modal to PureComponent
    * Refactor duplicated ChannelMembersModal component
    - Remove ChannelMembersModal code from ChannelHeader and Navbar
    - Now the modal is managed by the ModalController instead of directly by the component.
    - Add docs for props of ChannelMemebersModal
    * Refactor ChannelNotificationsModal comp
    - Change the ChannelNotificationsModal component to PureComponent
    - Add docs for props of ChannelNotificationsModal
    - Remove duplicated ChannelNotificationModal code from ChannelHeader and
    * Move QuickSwitchModal to ModalController
    * Refactor ModalController component
    - Change to PureComponent
    - Add docs for props
    * Change Navbar component to PureComponent
    * Migrate NavBar code to be use mattermost-redux
    * Refactor actions in NavBar
    * Extract SetChannelHeaderOption component from NavBar
    * Extract ViewChannelInfoOption component from NavBar
    * Extract NotificationPreferencesOption component from NavBar
    * Extract ChannelMembersOption component from NavBar
    * Extract ViewPinnedPostsOption component from NavBar
    * Extract AddMembersOption component from NavBar
    * Extract SetChannelPurposeOption component from NavBar
    * Extract RenameChannelOption component from NavBar
    * Extract ConvertChannelOption component from NavBar
    * Extract DeleteChannelOption component from NavBar
    * Extract LeaveChannelOption component from NavBar
    * Extract ToggleFavoriteChannel component from NavBar
    * Fix typo in ModalIdentifiers
    * Extract WebrtcOption component from NavBar
    * Building clean dropdown code, start from AddMembers
    * ... ViewChannelInfo
    * ... ViewPinnedPosts
    * ... NotificationPreferences
    * ... ToggleFavoriteChannel
    * ... SetChannelHeader
    * ... SetChannelPurpose
    * ... ViewMembers
    * ... ManageMembers
    * ... ConvertChannel
    * ... RenameChannel
    * ... DeleteChannel
    * ... LeaveChannel
    * ... WebRTC
    * Add draft of ChannelHeaderDropdown component
    * Connect MobileChannelHeaderComponent to redux store
    * Change the default rendering of dropdown
    * Clean Navbar component with the new dropdown component
    * Remove more
    * Extract ShowSearchButton component from Navbar
    * Remove undefined prop
    * Remove unnecessary wrapper
    * Comment on collapseButtons
    * Refactor Navbar even more
    - Extract collapse buttons
    - Remove code that is unused or never called
    - Remove jQuery
    * Fix character of close button
    * Make channel prop to be required
    * Remove unused codes
    * Fix ToggleFavorite menu
    * [MM-11162] Add mute icon to mobile view (#1744)
    * add mute icon to mobile view
    * use let or const as necessary and do some clean up
    * Cherry-picked MM-11577: Back to previous channel on archive (#1775)
    * Fix the composition of navbar
    - Notification preference would not be updated when change
    * Fix NotificationPreference modal
    * Extract ToggleMuteChannel comp from ChannelHeader
    * Cleanup ChannelHeader with new ChannelHeaderDropdown
    * Update snapshot of NotificationPreferences menu
    * Refactor ChannelHeader component
    * Fix tests
    * MM-12150 - Updating x icon and plugins (#1841)
    * Fix tests
    * Rename Navbar to ChannelHeaderMobile
    - Rename `navbar` to `channel_header_mobile`
    - Rename `navbar_info_button` to `channel_info_button`
    * MM-12503: Show Mute/Unmute menu item for GMs too. (#1847)
    * Remove comment from view
    * Change ext of modified components to .js instead of .jsx
    * MM-12494 Removing some flux store usage. (#1882)
    * Removing some flux store usage.
    * Feedback fixes
    * Fix some filename extensions
    * Migrate ChannelActions joinChannel and leaveChannel to redux (#1898)
    * Migrate ChannelActions favorite and unfavorite channel to redux
    * Fix unit test after rebase
    * Migrate ChannelActions joinChannel and leaveChannel to redux
    * Fix a updated snaphost
    * Update ModalController snapshot
    * Cherry-picked: MM-12497 Remove flux store usages from user settings (#1915)
    * Remove Flux store usages from account settings modal
    * Fix test
    * Remove global action for opening account settings modal
    * Fix notifications not updating correctly
    * Refactor executeCommand to remove import cycle
    * Drop WebRTC from ChannelHeader
    * Remove deprecated lifecycle method from ChannelHeader
    * Replace hardcoded isMobile to utils
    * Fix import annotations
    * Migrate current channel state selectors to use mattermost-redux
    * Remove unused declarations
    * Change ToggleMuteChannel component to PureComponent class style to avoid arrow function in render
    * Remove unnecessary arrow function in render
    * Rollback mapStateToProps to plain function
    * Change UnmuteChannelButton component to PureComponent class style to avoid arrow function in render
    * Change file ext for UnmuteChannelButton to .js
    * Move back QuickSwitchModal to ChannelHeader (Desktop only), and use redux action
    * Change ShowSearchButton component to PureComponent class style to avoid arrow function in render
    * Rollback mapStateToProps for ViewPinnedPosts to plain function
    * Cherry-picked: Remove flux usages from email invite modal (#1954)
    * Fix Channel Header
    * Fix ShowSearchButton in ChannelHeaderMobile
    * Fix ChannelMembersModal on PopoverListMembers
    * Migrate test files to component path
    * fix eslint style error on test mock
    * Update per feedback
    * Fix ChannelMembersModal test, IDK when it have been break exactly
    * Fix errors on dropdown
    * Fix view_and_manage_members to show different name by permission
    * Fix to show RenameChannel on defaultChannel
    * Refactor ChannelMembersModal to use redux action
    * Fix ChannelNotificationModal to handle hide anim correctly
    * Fix ViewAndManageMembers to be view mode only in default channel
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