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    Replace modal store with redux view reducer #6784 (#371) · 74a09680
    Mike Linden authored
    * added redux to modals, applied to delete channel modal
    * added modals to all toggleModalButtons on channel header
    * removed console log in reducer
    * fixed styling issues in make check-style
    * added comment explaining propertys being removed
    * added comment explaining properties being removed
    * switched to abs paths to actions
    * removed old comment that didn't apply anymore
    * fixed bug when you go from manage members to add new members
    * removed unneeded hide method and switch bind(this) to an arrow function
    * added tests for modals reducer
    * removed console log in channel_header
    * added tests for toggle_modal_button_redux and modal_controller
    * added tests for modal actions
    * switched modal test to use TestModal instead of DeleteChannel
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