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project-termina: Enable dbus

As part of enabling crash-reporter, we are adding dbus. We feel this
tradeoff is better than refactoring crash reporter to avoid that
dependency in advance:
 - that means removing metrics from crash_reporter, but only in the VM
   case. There is no easy facade here to swap in a no-op libmetrics.
 - The increased size of vm_rootfs.img is about 7mb in 550mb so not
   super concerning.

TEST=build_images --board=tatl

Change-Id: I6bc700c23a8958f988cefae03e9f827e6fd0d3f3

Reviewed-by: default avatarDavid Munro <>
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parent dc1f5b8c
# Avoid metrics -> system_api -> libmojo dependency (
chromeos-base/autotest-tests -tests_platform_MetricsUploader
# Skip the large dbus and lvm2 libraries from libbrillo
chromeos-base/libbrillo -dbus -device-mapper
# Skip the large lvm2 libraries from libbrillo
# TODO( disable dbus, which we needed to enable
# temporarily until we refactor that dependency out of crash_reporter.
chromeos-base/libbrillo -device-mapper
media-libs/mesa drm egl llvm shared-glapi gles2 wayland X
sys-apps/hwids -net -pci udev -usb
sys-fs/btrfs-progs -convert
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