Commit 0c7dc817 authored by Mike Frysinger's avatar Mike Frysinger
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drop glibc

We don't use the glibc sources directly, so drop it from the manifest.
It's a fairly large repo that's wasting space.  If we ever get around
to making it a cros-workon package, we can easily re-add it.


Change-Id: Ia24e2c722bcb5c354fffbfb913049bfff655e17c

Reviewed-by: default avatarYunlian Jiang <>
Tested-by: default avatarMike Frysinger <>
parent 9059e099
......@@ -234,9 +234,6 @@ Your sources have been sync'd successfully.
revision="refs/heads/chromeos-3.14" />
<project path="src/third_party/gcc"
name="chromiumos/third_party/gcc" />
<project path="src/third_party/glibc"
revision="refs/heads/chromeos-2.15" />
<project path="src/third_party/binutils"
name="chromiumos/third_party/binutils" />
<project path="src/third_party/u-boot/files"
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