Commit 5f051593 authored by Cheng-Yi Chiang's avatar Cheng-Yi Chiang

Revert "Add back kernel-next and kernel-experimental"

This reverts commit 680fb1f0.

Reason for revert:

This might have caused CQ failure.
Revert this and see if that helps.

Exempt-From-Owner-Approval: Need to fix CQ.

Original change's description:
> Add back kernel-next and kernel-experimental
> These are added to the kernel-next group, so they are not synced by
> default.
> BUG=chromium:992138
> TEST=none
> Change-Id: Ic18e4ea7b86eddc5e543c278f15d171f07f9013a
> Signed-off-by: Raul E Rangel <>
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Mike Frysinger <>

Bug: chromium:992138
Change-Id: I0cffbf22be905b37e3bec3d159ec8a665e2519e9
Reviewed-on: default avatarCheng-Yi Chiang <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarCheng-Yi Chiang <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarTzung-Bi Shih <>
Commit-Queue: Cheng-Yi Chiang <>
parent aa598681
......@@ -298,14 +298,6 @@ Your sources have been sync'd successfully.
<project path="src/third_party/kernel/v4.19-lakitu"
revision="refs/heads/chromeos-4.19-lakitu" />
<project path="src/third_party/kernel/next"
groups="notdefault,kernel-next" />
<project path="src/third_party/kernel/experimental"
groups="notdefault,kernel-next" />
<project path="src/third_party/khronos"
name="chromiumos/third_party/khronos" />
<project path="src/third_party/kvmtool"
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