Commit 9eb02ea2 authored by Simon Glass's avatar Simon Glass Committed by Commit Bot

manifest: Select the trembyle branch for blobs

We have decided not to commit the blobs to the master branch in the blobs
repo. The intention instead is to eventually build the binaries from

In the meantime, point the blobs directory to the trembyle branch so that
ToT builders can build the firmware image.

TEST=repo sync -l; see that we get the new directories

Change-Id: I9effb87b03e8c62340b9f0a92e7000093c9d9ba8
Reviewed-on: default avatarRaul E Rangel <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarChris McDonald <>
Tested-by: default avatarRaul E Rangel <>
Commit-Queue: Simon Glass <>
parent 54898504
......@@ -262,7 +262,8 @@ Your sources have been sync'd successfully.
revision="refs/heads/trembyle-bringup" />
<project path="src/third_party/coreboot-zork/3rdparty/blobs"
name="chromiumos/third_party/coreboot/blobs" />
revision="refs/heads/trembyle-bringup" />
<!-- zork: Temporary items while upstreaming is in progress -->
<project path="src/third_party/coreboot/3rdparty/blobs"
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