Commit d48fcbd8 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge tag 'pci-v4.16-fixes-1' of git://

Pull PCI fix from Bjorn Helgaas:
 "Fix a POWER9/powernv INTx regression from the merge window (Alexey

* tag 'pci-v4.16-fixes-1' of git://
  powerpc/pci: Fix broken INTx configuration via OF
parents 9454473c c591c2e3
......@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ struct pci_controller* pci_find_hose_for_OF_device(struct device_node* node)
static int pci_read_irq_line(struct pci_dev *pci_dev)
unsigned int virq = 0;
int virq;
pr_debug("PCI: Try to map irq for %s...\n", pci_name(pci_dev));
......@@ -370,7 +370,8 @@ static int pci_read_irq_line(struct pci_dev *pci_dev)
memset(&oirq, 0xff, sizeof(oirq));
/* Try to get a mapping from the device-tree */
if (!of_irq_parse_and_map_pci(pci_dev, 0, 0)) {
virq = of_irq_parse_and_map_pci(pci_dev, 0, 0);
if (virq <= 0) {
u8 line, pin;
/* If that fails, lets fallback to what is in the config
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