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    usb: dwc2: dwc2_vbus_supply_init: fix error check · 3f20dc60
    Tomeu Vizoso authored
    devm_regulator_get_optional returns -ENODEV if the regulator isn't
    there, so if that's the case we have to make sure not to leave -ENODEV
    in the regulator pointer.
    Also, make sure we return 0 in that case, but correctly propagate any
    other errors. Also propagate the error from _dwc2_hcd_start.
    Fixes: 531ef5eb ("usb: dwc2: add support for host mode external vbus supply")
    Cc: Amelie Delaunay <amelie.delaunay@st.com>
    Signed-off-by: Tomeu Vizoso's avatarTomeu Vizoso <tomeu.vizoso@collabora.com>
    v2: Only overwrite the error in the pointer after checking it (Heiko
        Stübner <heiko@sntech.de>)
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