Commit a7e7b3e5 authored by André Almeida's avatar André Almeida
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ntdll: Remove padding for 32bit archs

In the current version of futex2 patchset, there's a proper entry point
for 32bit apps that correctly parse 32bit pointers. Remove the padding
hack used to make 32bit apps use the 64bit entry point.
parent 27392149
......@@ -99,9 +99,6 @@ static long nr_futex2_wait, nr_futex2_waitv, nr_futex2_wake;
struct futex_waitv
void *uaddr;
#if __SIZEOF_POINTER__ == 4
int pad;
unsigned int val;
unsigned int flags;
......@@ -169,9 +166,6 @@ static inline void futex_vector_set( union futex_vector *vector, unsigned int in
vector->futex2[index].uaddr = addr;
vector->futex2[index].val = val;
#if __SIZEOF_POINTER__ == 4
vector->futex2[index].pad = 0;
vector->futex2[index].flags = FUTEX_32 | FUTEX_SHARED_FLAG;
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