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    MM-11327: Restrict Teams by Email (#9142) · 347ee1d2
    Gabe Van Engel authored
    * Check a team's AllowedDomains setting before adding users to the team.
    * Updated AddUser tests to validate AllowedDomains restriction.
    * Updated variable name to match convention.
    * Removed AllowedDomains from team sanitization.
    * Update AppError's Where to match the calling function.
    * Added tests for user matching allowedDomains, and multi domain values of allowedDomains.
    * Added test to make sure we block users who have a subdomain of a whitelisted domain.
    * Revert "Removed AllowedDomains from team sanitization."
    This reverts commit 17c2afea584da40c7d769787ae86408e9700510c.
    * Update sanitization tests to include dockerhost, now that we enforce AllowedDomains.
    * Added tests to verify the interplay between the global and per team domain restrictions.
    * Validate AllowedDomains property against RestrictCreationToDomains before updating a team.
    * Remove team.AllowedDomains from sanitization.
    * Add i18n string for the team allowed domains restriction app error.
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