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    MM-16888: fix missing indexes (#12746) · 5d45aa81
    Jesse Hallam authored
    * MM-16888: fix missing indexes
    As part of https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-16888, we discovered and fixed a number of column and index mismatches between the canonical (i.e. created from scratch) and migrated schemas (i.e migrated from 5.0 through 5.16).
    Unfortunately, the migration to fix same was added to `UpgradeDatabaseToVersion514` but never cherry picked to the pending v5.14 release at the time. Customers who upgraded to v5.14 or v5.15 and then get this code as part of v5.16 will never run that migration. Copy it to the UpgradeDatabaseToVersion516 accordingly.
    * avoid fixing ChannelMembers.SchemeGuest on MySQL
    * synchronize .circleci/config.yml with scripts/mysql-migration-test.sh
    * fix circleci invocation
    * additional logging on diff
    * update build/Jenkinsfile.pr too!
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