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    SAML support (#3494) · 5f04dc4f
    enahum authored
    * PLT-3073: Implement SAML/Okta Server side (EE) (#3422)
    * PLT-3137 Support for SAML configuration
    * PLT-3410 SAML Database Store
    * PLT-3411 CLI to add Identity Provider Certificate and Service Provider Private Key
    * PLT-3409 SAML Interface for EE
    * PLT-3139 Handle SAML authentication server side
    * Add localization messages
    * PLT-3443 SAML Obtain SP metadata
    * PLT-3142 Login & Switch to/from SAML
    * Remove Certs for Database & Clean SAML Request
    * Make required Username, FirstName and LastName
    * PLT-3140 Add SAML to System Console (#3476)
    * PLT-3140 Add SAML to System Console
    * Move web_client functions to client.jsx
    * Fix issues found by PM
    * update package.json mattermost driver
    * Fix text messages for SAML
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