1. 16 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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      Send systemd READY notification (#8296) · b112747d
      Pierre de La Morinerie authored
      Currently, when starting Mattermost programmatically, it's hard to tell
      when the server is actually ready to receive network connections.
      This isn't convenient for monitoring (the systemd service status is
      "running" although the server is still booting), nor for programatic use
      (where a script would need to know when the server is ready to perform
      further actions).
      To improve this, systemd allow processes to tell when they started
      successfully. The launcher waits for this notification before
      reporting the service as successfully launched.
      The way processes notify systemd is by sending a `READY=1` string over
      a standard unix socket, whose path is provided in an environment var.
      The systemd service is then told to expect this notification:
      Now, when starting the server, systemd will actually wait for the server to
      be ready before returning the control to the shell.
      Additionally, during this time, querying the server status with
      `service mattermost status` will report the service as "activating" – before
      transitioning to "running" when the server is ready.
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      PLT-8723: Fix DeadLock on reactions insertions (#8225) · 2930766c
      Jesús Espino authored
      * PLT-8723: Fix DeadLock on reactions insertions
      * Improved the HasReactions update SQL
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