1. 13 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      MM-11734: better plugin `error` handling (#9405) · f2ddef91
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * MM-11734: encode unregistered error implementations as an ErrorString
      * MM-11734: test error string handling
      * more idiomatic error handling
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      MM-11886: materialize channel search (#9349) · 8b17bf9e
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * materialize PublicChannels table
      Introduce triggers for each supported database that automatically maintain a subset of the Channels table corresponding to only public channels. This improves corresponding queries that no longer need to filter out 99% DM channels.
      This initial commit modifies the channel store directly for easier code reviewing, but the next wraps an experimental version around it to enable a kill switch in case there are unforeseen performance regressions.
      This addresses [MM-11886](https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-11886) and [MM-11945](https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-11945).
      * extract the experimental public channels materialization
      Wrap the original channel store with an experimental version that
      leverages the materialized public channels, but can be disabled to
      fallback to the original implementation.
      This addresses MM-11947.
      * s/ExperimentalPublicChannelsMaterialization/EnablePublicChannelsMaterialization/
      * simplify error handling
      * move experimental config listener until after store is initialized
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      translations PR 20180827 (#9317) · c2676d96
      Elias Nahum authored
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      Feature/search after before on (#9219) · 42806ae9
      Dmitry Samuylov authored
      * initial implementation of after, before, on search flags allowing to restrict the search to a specific day or a date range
      * missed setting beforeDate in SearchParams in one place
      * fixed condition when only flags are used for search without any plain terms
      * changed date format used for after/before/on flags to be in ISO8601 format as suggested in PR comments, added a helper function to pad month and day with zeroes allowing the user user either format, with or without leading zeroes
      * corrected expected compare to date setting for the TestParseDateFilterToTimeISO8601 test
      * fixed a bug for the scenario when you only have the date flags without any terms, added a couple of tests for that scenario
      * updated the date filter logic to use parameters to construct the query instead of simply appending strings together, as suggested in the pull request comments
      * added search unit test using date flags
      * added a helper function to create a test post with a createat date manually set, updated the test for search using date flags to create test posts with different createat dates to be able to better test the functionality
      * MM-11817 Add support for after/before/on search flags with Elasticsearch
      * add support to search posts to perform the search in context of the client's timezone when filtering by createat date using on: after: before: flags
      * updated tests to match the new signature