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    PLT-6905 - Updating channel header design (#6789) · c5102332
    Asaad Mahmood authored
    * PLT-6905 - Updating channel header design
    * Updating border-radius
    * Updating radius for wide icons
    * Updating trigger for overlay
    * Updating UI for channel header
    * Updating channel header sizing
    * Updating channel header css
    * Updating sidebar css
    * Updating status icons
    * Adjusting border
    * Updating comment
    * Removing type from status icon
    * Fixing UI issues for the channel header/sidebar
    * make "Add a channel description" open the channel header modal
    * Updating status and opacity
    * Updating stauts icon positioning
    * Updating description and heading size
    * Updating UI changes
    * Updating UI changes
    * add a focused class to the parent div .search__form and then remove when hover away
    * Fix active state for pinned posts icon
    * Updating UI changes
    * Update channel header text
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