Commit 0492d2e7 authored by Harrison Healey's avatar Harrison Healey Committed by Christopher Speller
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Added explicit versions to all packages (#1126)

parent 42f4171e
......@@ -9502,7 +9502,7 @@
"dev": true
"mattermost-redux": {
"version": "github:mattermost/mattermost-redux#3d058a0d98095885e4712ad6c0aadf7e3913ad1c",
"version": "github:mattermost/mattermost-redux#5ac9b9f15170656c4150c1af57dc9927bb074d3c",
"requires": {
"deep-equal": "1.0.1",
"form-data": "2.3.1",
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