Commit 3a6eee9b authored by it33's avatar it33 Committed by enahum
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Fix typo: Attrubute (#3368)

* Fix typo: Attrubute

* Fix typo: Attrubute
parent d33f59ec
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ export default class LdapSettings extends AdminSettings {
defaultMessage='First Name Attrubute'
defaultMessage='First Name Attribute'
placeholder={Utils.localizeMessage('admin.ldap.firstnameAttrEx', 'Ex "givenName"')}
......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@
"admin.ldap.enableTitle": "Enable Login With LDAP:",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrDesc": "The attribute in the LDAP server that will be used to populate the first name of users in Mattermost.",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrEx": "Ex \"givenName\"",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrTitle": "First Name Attrubute",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrTitle": "First Name Attribute",
"admin.ldap.idAttrDesc": "The attribute in the LDAP server that will be used as a unique identifier in Mattermost. It should be an LDAP attribute with a value that does not change, such as username or uid. If a user’s Id Attribute changes, it will create a new Mattermost account unassociated with their old one. This is the value used to log in to Mattermost in the \"LDAP Username\" field on the sign in page. Normally this attribute is the same as the “Username Attribute” field above. If your team typically uses domain\\\\username to sign in to other services with LDAP, you may choose to put domain\\\\username in this field to maintain consistency between sites.",
"admin.ldap.idAttrEx": "Ex \"sAMAccountName\"",
"admin.ldap.idAttrTitle": "Id Attribute: ",
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