Commit 67cb9f7b authored by Jordi Mallach's avatar Jordi Mallach
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Complete remove mobile redirection.

The build now fails with the simple, unindented if block.
parent 9c6f9a89
......@@ -11,11 +11,9 @@ import FastClick from 'fastclick';
import {Route, Switch, Redirect} from 'react-router-dom';
import {setUrl} from 'mattermost-redux/actions/general';
import {setSystemEmojis} from 'mattermost-redux/actions/emojis';
import {getConfig} from 'mattermost-redux/selectors/entities/general';
import {Client4} from 'mattermost-redux/client';
import {setLocalizeFunction} from 'mattermost-redux/utils/i18n_utils.js';
import * as UserAgent from 'utils/user_agent.jsx';
import {EmojiIndicesByAlias} from 'utils/emoji.jsx';
import {trackLoadTime} from 'actions/diagnostics_actions.jsx';
import * as GlobalActions from 'actions/global_actions.jsx';
......@@ -211,24 +209,6 @@ export default class Root extends React.Component {
loadRecentlyUsedCustomEmojis()(store.dispatch, store.getState);
const iosDownloadLink = getConfig(store.getState()).IosAppDownloadLink;
const androidDownloadLink = getConfig(store.getState()).AndroidAppDownloadLink;
const toResetPasswordScreen = this.props.location.pathname === '/reset_password_complete';
// Remove any redirects - the mobile apps do no work with the instance
// XXX: Should we make this a proper option/toggle somewhere.
if (false) {
// redirect to the mobile landing page if the user hasn't seen it before
if (iosDownloadLink && UserAgent.isIosWeb() && !BrowserStore.hasSeenLandingPage() && !toResetPasswordScreen) {
} else if (androidDownloadLink && UserAgent.isAndroidWeb() && !BrowserStore.hasSeenLandingPage() && !toResetPasswordScreen) {
localizationChanged = () => {
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