Commit 70a2051d authored by George Goldberg's avatar George Goldberg Committed by enahum
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PLT-4317: Fix Desktop App platform in sessions list. (#5048)

Incidentally fixes displaying the Linux icon next to sessions on Linux
at the same time.
parent 2488cc53
......@@ -134,6 +134,17 @@ export default class ActivityLogModal extends React.Component {
} else {
devicePicture = 'fa fa-linux';
} else if (currentSession.props.os.indexOf('Linux') !== -1) {
devicePicture = 'fa fa-linux';
if (currentSession.props.browser.indexOf('Desktop App') !== -1) {
devicePlatform = (
defaultMessage='Native Desktop App'
let moreInfo;
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
"activity_log.sessionsDescription": "Sessions are created when you log in to a new browser on a device. Sessions let you use Mattermost without having to log in again for a time period specified by the System Admin. If you want to log out sooner, use the 'Logout' button below to end a session.",
"": "Android",
"activity_log_modal.androidNativeApp": "Android Native App",
"activity_log_modal.desktop": "Native Desktop App",
"activity_log_modal.iphoneNativeApp": "iPhone Native App",
"add_command.autocomplete": "Autocomplete",
"": "(Optional) Show slash command in autocomplete list.",
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