Commit 85ca117e authored by enahum's avatar enahum Committed by Christopher Speller
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PLT-3341 Add missing localization support for System Console (#3385)

parent 560c93a7
......@@ -566,7 +566,7 @@ export default class AdminSidebar extends React.Component {
defaultMessage='Rate Limiting'
......@@ -82,6 +82,7 @@
"add_outgoing_webhook.triggerWordsOrChannelRequired": "A valid channel or a list of trigger words is required",
"admin.audits.reload": "Reload User Activity Logs",
"admin.audits.title": "User Activity Logs",
"admin.authentication.gitlab": "GitLab",
"admin.banner.heading": "Note:",
"admin.compliance.directoryDescription": "Directory to which compliance reports are written. If blank, will be set to ./data/.",
"admin.compliance.directoryExample": "Ex \"./data/\"",
......@@ -125,6 +126,7 @@
"admin.connectionSecurityTitle": "Connection Security:",
"admin.connectionSecurityTls": "TLS",
"admin.connectionSecurityTlsDescription": "Encrypts the communication between Mattermost and your server.",
"admin.customization.customBrand": "Custom Branding",
"admin.customization.customEmoji": "Custom Emoji",
"admin.customization.enableCustomEmojiDesc": "Enable users to create custom emoji for use in chat messages.",
"admin.customization.enableCustomEmojiTitle": "Enable Custom Emoji:",
......@@ -132,6 +134,9 @@
"admin.customization.restrictCustomEmojiCreationDesc": "Restrict the creation of custom emoji to certain users.",
"admin.customization.restrictCustomEmojiCreationSystemAdmin": "Only allow system admins to create custom emoji",
"admin.customization.restrictCustomEmojiCreationTitle": "Restrict Custom Emoji Creation:",
"": "Legal and Support",
"admin.database.title": "Database Settings",
"admin.developer.title": "Developer Settings",
"": " I understand and accept the Mattermost Hosted Push Notification Service <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Terms of Service</a> and <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Privacy Policy</a>.",
"": "When true, Mattermost allows users to sign in using their email and password.",
"": "Allow Sign In With Email: ",
......@@ -191,10 +196,20 @@
"": "SMTP Username:",
"": "Testing...",
"admin.false": "false",
"admin.files.images": "Images",
"": "Storage",
"admin.general.configuration": "Configuration",
"admin.general.localization": "Localization",
"admin.general.localization.availableLocalesDescription": "Determines which languages are available for users in Account Settings. (Leave it blank to have all supported languages available)",
"admin.general.localization.availableLocalesTitle": "Available Languages:",
"admin.general.localization.clientLocaleDescription": "Default language for newly created users and pages where the user hasn't logged in.",
"admin.general.localization.clientLocaleTitle": "Default Client Language:",
"admin.general.localization.serverLocaleDescription": "Default language for system messages and logs. Changing this will require a server restart before taking effect.",
"admin.general.localization.serverLocaleTitle": "Default Server Language:",
"admin.general.log": "Logging",
"admin.general.privacy": "Privacy",
"admin.general.title": "General Settings",
"admin.general.usersAndTeams": "Users and Teams",
"admin.gitab.clientSecretDescription": "Obtain this value via the instructions above for logging into GitLab.",
"admin.gitlab.EnableHtmlDesc": "<ol><li>Log in to your GitLab account and go to Profile Settings -> Applications.</li><li>Enter Redirect URIs \"<your-mattermost-url>/login/gitlab/complete\" (example: http://localhost:8065/login/gitlab/complete) and \"<your-mattermost-url>/signup/gitlab/complete\". </li><li>Then use \"Secret\" and \"Id\" fields from GitLab to complete the options below.</li><li>Complete the Endpoint URLs below. </li></ol>",
"admin.gitlab.authDescription": "Enter https://<your-gitlab-url>/oauth/authorize (example Make sure you use HTTP or HTTPS in your URL depending on your server configuration.",
......@@ -255,6 +270,8 @@
"admin.image.thumbWidthDescription": "Width of thumbnails generated from uploaded images. Updating this value changes how thumbnail images render in future, but does not change images created in the past.",
"admin.image.thumbWidthExample": "Ex \"120\"",
"admin.image.thumbWidthTitle": "Thumbnail Width:",
"admin.integrations.external": "External Services",
"admin.integrations.webhook": "Webhooks and Commands",
"admin.ldap.baseDesc": "The Base DN is the Distinguished Name of the location where Mattermost should start its search for users in the LDAP tree.",
"admin.ldap.baseEx": "Ex \"ou=Unit Name,dc=corp,dc=example,dc=com\"",
"admin.ldap.baseTitle": "BaseDN:",
......@@ -343,6 +360,9 @@
"admin.nav.logout": "Logout",
"": "Report a Problem",
"admin.nav.switch": "Team Selection",
"": "Email",
"admin.notifications.push": "Mobile Push",
"admin.notifications.title": "Notification Settings",
"admin.privacy.showEmailDescription": "When false, hides email address of users from other users in the user interface, including team owners and team administrators. Used when system is set up for managing teams where some users choose to keep their contact information private.",
"admin.privacy.showEmailTitle": "Show Email Address: ",
"admin.privacy.showFullNameDescription": "When false, hides full name of users from other users, including team owners and team administrators. Username is shown in place of full name.",
......@@ -362,6 +382,7 @@
"admin.rate.queriesTitle": "Number Of Queries Per Second:",
"admin.rate.remoteDescription": "When true, rate limit API access by IP address.",
"admin.rate.remoteTitle": "Vary By Remote Address: ",
"admin.rate.title": "Rate Limit Settings",
"admin.recycle.button": "Recycle Database Connections",
"admin.recycle.loading": " Recycling...",
"admin.recycle.reloadFail": "Recycling unsuccessful: {error}",
......@@ -375,6 +396,13 @@
"admin.reset_password.submit": "Please enter at least {chars} characters.",
"admin.reset_password.titleReset": "Reset Password",
"admin.reset_password.titleSwitch": "Switch Account to Email/Password",
"": "Save",
"admin.saving": "Saving Config...",
"": "Connections",
"": "Login",
"": "Public Links",
"": "Sessions",
"": "Signup",
"admin.select_team.close": "Close",
"": "Select",
"admin.select_team.selectTeam": "Select Team",
......@@ -444,6 +472,7 @@
"admin.sidebar.images": "Images",
"admin.sidebar.integrations": "Integrations",
"admin.sidebar.ldap": "LDAP",
"admin.sidebar.legalAndSupport": "Legal and Support",
"admin.sidebar.license": "Edition and License",
"admin.sidebar.localization": "Localization",
"admin.sidebar.logging": "Logging",
......@@ -460,6 +489,7 @@
"": "Security",
"admin.sidebar.sessions": "Sessions",
"admin.sidebar.settings": "SETTINGS",
"admin.sidebar.signUp": "Sign Up",
"admin.sidebar.sign_up": "Sign Up",
"admin.sidebar.statistics": "Statistics",
"": "Storage",
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