Commit aca6c55b authored by Jason Blais's avatar Jason Blais Committed by Joram Wilander
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Fix type: Destop --> Desktop (#158)

* Update client_versions_settings.jsx

* Update en.json
parent 353a69af
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ export default class ClientVersionsSettings extends AdminSettings {
defaultMessage='Minimum Destop Version'
defaultMessage='Minimum Desktop Version'
placeholder={Utils.localizeMessage('admin.client_versions.desktopMinVersion', 'X.X.X')}
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@
"admin.client_versions.androidMinVersionHelp": "The minimum compliant Android version",
"admin.client_versions.desktopLatestVersion": "Latest Desktop Version",
"admin.client_versions.desktopLatestVersionHelp": "The latest released Desktop version",
"admin.client_versions.desktopMinVersion": "Minimum Destop Version",
"admin.client_versions.desktopMinVersion": "Minimum Desktop Version",
"admin.client_versions.desktopMinVersionHelp": "The minimum compliant Desktop version",
"admin.client_versions.iosLatestVersion": "Latest IOS Version",
"admin.client_versions.iosLatestVersionHelp": "The latest released IOS version",
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