Commit b8fb388b authored by Yusuke Nemoto's avatar Yusuke Nemoto Committed by Joram Wilander
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Fix missing messages (#966)

* Add colon symbol

* Add messages for Cluster settings

* Add message for Elasticsearch

* Fix missing messages

* Move a message from mobile repo
parent 8b9ea8ed
......@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ export default class LdapSettings extends AdminSettings {
defaultMessage='First Name Attribute'
defaultMessage='First Name Attribute:'
placeholder={Utils.localizeMessage('admin.ldap.firstnameAttrEx', 'Ex "givenName"')}
......@@ -168,6 +168,24 @@
"admin.client_versions.iosLatestVersionHelp": "The latest released iOS version",
"admin.client_versions.iosMinVersion": "Minimum iOS Version",
"admin.client_versions.iosMinVersionHelp": "The minimum compliant iOS version",
"admin.cluster.ClusterName": "Cluster Name:",
"admin.cluster.ClusterNameDesc": "The cluster to join by name. Only nodes with the same cluster name will join together. This is to support Blue-Green deployments or staging pointing to the same database.",
"admin.cluster.ClusterNameEx": "x \"Production\" or \"Staging\"",
"admin.cluster.GossipPort": "Gossip Port:",
"admin.cluster.GossipPortDesc": "The port used for the gossip protocol. Both UDP and TCP should abe allowed on this port.",
"admin.cluster.GossipPortEx": "x \"8074\"",
"admin.cluster.OverrideHostname": "Override Hostname:",
"admin.cluster.OverrideHostnameDesc": "The default value of <blank> will attempt to get the Hostname from the OS or use the IP Address. You can override the hostname of this server with this property. It is not recommended to override the Hostname unless needed. This property can also be set to a specific IP Address if needed.",
"admin.cluster.OverrideHostnameEx": "x \"app-server-01\"",
"admin.cluster.ReadOnlyConfig": "Read Only Config:",
"admin.cluster.ReadOnlyConfigDesc": "When true, the server will reject changes made to the configuration file from the system console. When running in production it is recommened to set this to true.",
"admin.cluster.StreamingPort": "Streaming Port:",
"admin.cluster.StreamingPortDesc": "The port used for streaming data between servers.",
"admin.cluster.StreamingPortEx": "x \"8075\"",
"admin.cluster.UseExperimentalGossip": "Use Experimental Gossip:",
"admin.cluster.UseExperimentalGossipDesc": "When true, the server will attempt to communicate via the gossip protocol over the gossip port. When false the server will attempt to communicate over the streaming port. When false the gossip port and protocol are still used to determine cluster health.",
"admin.cluster.UseIpAddress": "Use IP Address:",
"admin.cluster.UseIpAddressDesc": "When true, the cluster will attempt to communicate via IP Address vs using the hostname.",
"admin.cluster.enableDescription": "When true, Mattermost will run in High Availability mode. Please see <a href=\"\" target='_blank'>documentation</a> to learn more about configuring High Availability for Mattermost.",
"admin.cluster.enableTitle": "Enable High Availability Mode:",
"admin.cluster.interNodeListenAddressDesc": "The address the server will listen on for communicating with other servers.",
......@@ -319,6 +337,7 @@
"admin.elasticsearch.password": "E.g.: \"yourpassword\"",
"admin.elasticsearch.passwordDescription": "(Optional) The password to authenticate to the Elasticsearch server.",
"admin.elasticsearch.passwordTitle": "Server Password:",
"admin.elasticsearch.percentComplete": "{percent}% Complete",
"admin.elasticsearch.purgeIndexesButton": "Purge Indexes",
"admin.elasticsearch.purgeIndexesButton.error": "Failed to purge indexes: {error}",
"admin.elasticsearch.purgeIndexesButton.label": "Purge Indexes:",
......@@ -580,7 +599,7 @@
"admin.ldap.enableTitle": "Enable sign-in with AD/LDAP:",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrDesc": "(Optional) The attribute in the AD/LDAP server that will be used to populate the first name of users in Mattermost. When set, users will not be able to edit their first name, since it is synchronized with the LDAP server. When left blank, users can set their own first name in Account Settings.",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrEx": "E.g.: \"givenName\"",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrTitle": "First Name Attribute",
"admin.ldap.firstnameAttrTitle": "First Name Attribute:",
"admin.ldap.idAttrDesc": "The attribute in the AD/LDAP server that will be used as a unique identifier in Mattermost. It should be an AD/LDAP attribute with a value that does not change, such as username or uid. If a user's ID Attribute changes, it will create a new Mattermost account unassociated with their old one. This is the value used to log in to Mattermost in the \"AD/LDAP Username\" field on the sign in page. Normally this attribute is the same as the \"Username Attribute\" field above. If your team typically uses domain\\\\username to sign in to other services with AD/LDAP, you may choose to put domain\\\\username in this field to maintain consistency between sites.",
"admin.ldap.idAttrEx": "E.g.: \"sAMAccountName\"",
"admin.ldap.idAttrTitle": "ID Attribute: ",
......@@ -685,6 +704,8 @@
"admin.manage_roles.systemMember": "Member",
"admin.manage_tokens.manageTokensTitle": "Manage Personal Access Tokens",
"admin.manage_tokens.userAccessTokensDescription": "Personal access tokens function similarly to session tokens and can be used by integrations to <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">interact with this Mattermost server</a>. Tokens are disabled if the user is deactivated. Learn more about <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">personal access tokens</a>.",
"admin.manage_tokens.userAccessTokensIdLabel": "Token ID: ",
"admin.manage_tokens.userAccessTokensNameLabel": "Token Description: ",
"admin.manage_tokens.userAccessTokensNone": "No personal access tokens.",
"admin.metrics.enableDescription": "When true, Mattermost will enable performance monitoring collection and profiling. Please see <a href=\"\" target='_blank'>documentation</a> to learn more about configuring performance monitoring for Mattermost.",
"admin.metrics.enableTitle": "Enable Performance Monitoring:",
......@@ -743,6 +764,7 @@
"": "Id:",
"admin.plugin.installedDesc": "Installed plugins on your Mattermost server. Pre-packaged plugins are installed by default, and can be deactivated but not removed.",
"admin.plugin.installedTitle": "Installed Plugins: ",
"": "Plugins are disabled on your server. To enable them, go to <strong>Plugins > Configuration</strong>.",
"": "Management",
"": "Name:",
"admin.plugin.no_plugins": "No installed plugins.",
......@@ -812,6 +834,7 @@
"admin.reset_password.submit": "Please enter at least {chars} characters.",
"admin.reset_password.titleReset": "Reset Password",
"admin.reset_password.titleSwitch": "Switch Account to Email/Password",
"admin.revoke_token_button.delete": "Delete",
"admin.saml.assertionConsumerServiceURLDesc": "Enter https://<your-mattermost-url>/login/sso/saml. Make sure you use HTTP or HTTPS in your URL depending on your server configuration. This field is also known as the Assertion Consumer Service URL.",
"admin.saml.assertionConsumerServiceURLEx": "E.g.: \"https://<your-mattermost-url>/login/sso/saml\"",
"admin.saml.assertionConsumerServiceURLPopulatedDesc": "This field is also known as the Assertion Consumer Service URL.",
......@@ -872,6 +895,7 @@
"admin.saml.verifyTitle": "Verify Signature:",
"": "Save",
"admin.saving": "Saving Config...",
"": "Client Versions",
"": "Connections",
"": "Invite salt cannot be changed while sending emails is disabled.",
"": "Login",
......@@ -1139,6 +1163,7 @@
"admin.user_item.switchToEmail": "Switch to Email/Password",
"admin.user_item.sysAdmin": "System Admin",
"admin.user_item.teamAdmin": "Team Admin",
"admin.user_item.teamMember": "Team Member",
"admin.user_item.userAccessTokenPostAll": "(with post:all personal access tokens)",
"admin.user_item.userAccessTokenPostAllPublic": "(with post:channels personal access tokens)",
"admin.user_item.userAccessTokenYes": "(with personal access tokens)",
......@@ -1184,6 +1209,7 @@
"analytics.system.postTypes": "Posts, Files and Hashtags",
"analytics.system.privateGroups": "Private Channels",
"analytics.system.publicChannels": "Public Channels",
"analytics.system.skippedIntensiveQueries": "To maximize performance, some statistics are disabled. You can <a href='' target='_blank'>re-enable them in config.json</a>.",
"analytics.system.textPosts": "Posts with Text-only",
"analytics.system.title": "System Statistics",
"analytics.system.totalChannels": "Total Channels",
......@@ -1363,6 +1389,7 @@
"channel_members_dropdown.remove_member": "Remove Member",
"channel_members_modal.addNew": " Add New Members",
"channel_members_modal.members": " Members",
"channel_members_modal.remove": "Remove",
"channel_modal.cancel": "Cancel",
"channel_modal.createNew": "Create New Channel",
"channel_modal.descriptionHelp": "Describe how this channel should be used.",
......@@ -1563,6 +1590,7 @@
"error.local_storage.help2": "Turn off private browsing",
"error.local_storage.help3": "Use a supported browser (IE 11, Chrome 43+, Firefox 52+, Safari 9, Edge 40+)",
"error.local_storage.message": "Mattermost was unable to load because a setting in your browser prevents the use of its local storage features. To allow Mattermost to load, try the following actions:",
"error.local_storage.title": "Cannot Load Mattermost",
"error.not_found.link_message": "Back to Mattermost",
"error.not_found.message": "The page you were trying to reach does not exist",
"error.not_found.title": "Page not found",
......@@ -2331,6 +2359,7 @@
"post_message_view.edited": "(edited)",
"posts_view.loadMore": "Load more messages",
"posts_view.loadingMore": "Loading more messages...",
"posts_view.maxLoaded": "Looking for a specific message? Try searching for it",
"posts_view.newMsg": "New Messages",
"posts_view.newMsgBelow": "New {count, plural, one {message} other {messages}}",
"quick_switch_modal.channels": "Channels",
......@@ -2403,6 +2432,7 @@
"save_button.saving": "Saving",
"": "Search",
"search_bar.usage": "<h4>Search Options</h4><ul><li><span>Use </span><b>\"quotation marks\"</b><span> to search for phrases</span></li><li><span>Use </span><b>from:</b><span> to find posts from specific users and </span><b>in:</b><span> to find posts in specific channels</span></li></ul>",
"search_header.loading": "Searching...",
"search_header.results": "Search Results",
"search_header.title2": "Recent Mentions",
"search_header.title3": "Flagged Posts",
......@@ -2488,6 +2518,7 @@
"shortcuts.nav.unread_prev.mac": "Previous unread channel:\t⌥|Shift|Up",
"sidebar.channels": "PUBLIC CHANNELS",
"sidebar.createChannel": "Create new public channel",
"sidebar.createDirectMessage": "Create new direct message",
"sidebar.createGroup": "Create new private channel",
"": "{displayname} (you)",
......@@ -2987,6 +3018,7 @@
"": "Save",
"user.settings.tokens.title": "Personal Access Tokens",
"user.settings.tokens.token": "Access Token: ",
"user.settings.tokens.tokenDesc": "Token Description: ",
"user.settings.tokens.tokenId": "Token ID: ",
"user.settings.tokens.userAccessTokensNone": "No personal access tokens.",
"user_list.notFound": "No users found",
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