Commit cbcf0593 authored by Martin Kraft's avatar Martin Kraft Committed by Jesús Espino
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MM-10719: Changes display name of permission checkbox label. (#1260)

* MM-10719: Changes display text for permission.

* MM-10719: Updates edit others posts description.

* Update en.json
parent 4551505c
......@@ -221,8 +221,8 @@
"admin.permissions.permission.edit_post.description": "{editTimeLimitButton} after posting, allow users to edit their own posts.",
"": "Delete Own Posts",
"admin.permissions.permission.delete_post.description": "Authors own posts can be deleted.",
"": "Delete Any Post",
"admin.permissions.permission.delete_others_posts.description": "Any post can be deleted.",
"": "Delete Others Posts",
"admin.permissions.permission.delete_others_posts.description": "Posts made by other users can be deleted.",
"": "Remove user from team",
"admin.permissions.permission.remove_user_from_team.description": "Remove user from team",
"": "Create teams",
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