Commit dc27c390 authored by Abdulrahman (Abdu) Assabri's avatar Abdulrahman (Abdu) Assabri Committed by Saturnino Abril
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Fix e2e test M18679 (check for 'save' instead of 'flag') (#5930)

parent b25d53c1
......@@ -45,14 +45,14 @@ describe('Messaging', () => {
// * Check if modal for post options have opened
cy.get(dropDownMenuOfPostOptionsID).should('be.visible').within(() => {
// * Check if atleast 1 item is present
// * Check if at least 1 item is present
cy.get('li').should('have.length.greaterThan', 0);
// * Check if one of the options are as follows
cy.findByText('Add Reaction').should('be.visible');
cy.findByText('Mark as Unread').should('be.visible');
cy.findByText('Copy Link').should('be.visible');
cy.findByText('Pin to Channel').should('be.visible');
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