Commit e53c8ea3 authored by Jason Blais's avatar Jason Blais Committed by Jesús Espino
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Fix Incomming > Incoming typo (#1166)

parent 2522e602
......@@ -443,7 +443,7 @@
"admin.field_names.enableBanner": "Enable Announcement banner",
"admin.field_names.enableCommands": "Enable Custom Slash Commands",
"admin.field_names.enableConfirmNotificationsToChannel": "Show @channel and @all confirmation dialog",
"admin.field_names.enableIncomingWebhooks": "Enable Incomming Webhooks",
"admin.field_names.enableIncomingWebhooks": "Enable Incoming Webhooks",
"admin.field_names.enableOAuthServiceProvider": "Enable OAuth 2.0 Service Provider",
"admin.field_names.enableOutgoingWebhooks": "Enable Outgoing Webhooks",
"admin.field_names.enablePostIconOverride": "Enable integrations to override profile picture icons",
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