Commit fc27a6fc authored by Hosted Weblate's avatar Hosted Weblate Committed by Puerco
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Update translation files

Updated by "Remove blank strings" hook in Weblate.

Translation: mattermost-languages-shipped/mattermost-webapp
parent efae033a
......@@ -3494,7 +3494,6 @@
"invite_modal.invited_members": "Members",
"invite_modal.members": "members",
"invite_modal.no_permissions.description": "You do not have permissions to add users or guests. If this seems like an error, please reach out to your system administrator.",
"invite_modal.no_permissions.title": "",
"invite_modal.permanent": "**This action cannot be undone.**",
"invite_modal.title": "Invite {inviteType} to {team_name}",
"": "To:",
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