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      PLT-2058 Debugging incoming web hook content (#3150) · 737b3950
      Martin Schenck authored
      * PLT-2058 Debugging incoming web hook content
      This change debugs contents of incoming webhooks using l4g.
      The problem is that in order to debug the request body, it neads to be
      read. And a Reader can only be read once. Hence, the body is only read
      for Debugging if it is actually enabled. Furthermore, a new reader is
      created from the content of the old reader in order for the rest of the
      method to work as usual (with or without debugging).
      The debug statement is wrapped in a closure, so that the content is
      only copied if Debug is actually enabled.
      It is not possible to return `(string, string)` from the closure to
      `l4g.Debug()`. That is the reason the debugging is not done with `=%v`,
      but the translations strings end with a space.
      I tested the change with a `application/json` HTTP header as well as
      The debug method is extracted into util/log.go in order to be re-usable
      for debugging `io.Reader`
      * Added a config flag to turn off incoming webhook debugging
      Setting `EnableWebhookDebugging` to false in the `config.json` will
      disable the printing of the content of incoming webhooks to the console
      * Defaulting webhook debugging to true
      * Added the setting of debugging incoming webhooks to the system console
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      Scrolling fixes (#3200) · 32ab6e85
      samogot authored
      * scrolling fixes:
      - jumps on free scroll when somebody posts a new message (and old one disappears at top)
      - jumps on closing RHS (no compensation of resize)
      - scroll blinking on opening/closing RHS (delay before resize compensation)
      * fix scroll slipping up on multiple open/close RHS in case when (this.refs.postlist.offsetHeight % Constants.SCROLL_PAGE_FRACTION === 0)
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      PLT-3156 Typo in 'Edit Nickname' message when nickname is set through login provider (#3204) · f3fd8179
      Anthony M. Powers authored
      * Fixed a typo to an error message regarding editing an account field handled by a login provider. (PLT-3156)
      * Added 'field_handled_externally' to the en language file.
      Other languages are needed.
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      daily translations 20160609 (#3305) · d48fcf76
      enahum authored
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