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    • Scott Bishel's avatar
      MM-27688: OpenId Connect (#7027) · 14a76035
      Scott Bishel authored
      * open id initial commit
      * fix for tests, remove force error
      * PR cleanup
      * fix upgrade gitlab
      * update redux
      * add cypress test, make fixes
      * add cypress, fix for cypress
      * add feature flag
      * fix linter errors
      * update redux
      * add feature flag to unit tests
      * fix linting
      * making configContains a one liner
      * fix test case and snapshot and linting
      * updates from code review
      * revert changes
      * update redux
      * uncomment feature flags check
      * remove unnecessary span
      * fix lint
      * clean up some code
      * update cypress tests
      * lint fixes
      * revert package-lock
      * revert package-lock
      * fix capitalization
      * update redux
      * update cypress tests to use findByRole
      * fix text differences from figma
      * remove feature flag
      * update cypress test
      * fix lint
      * updates from review
      * fix lint
      * Revert "fix lint"
      This reverts commit 3271dc7c2811d6e66bc1263cddd44906a5c73e52.
      * fix lint
      * fix lint
      * fix snapshots
      * fix bad merge
      * update redux
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHossein Ahmadian-Yazdi <hyazdi1997@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMattermod <mattermod@users.noreply.github.com>
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    • Hyeseong Kim's avatar
      MM-17555 Upgrade react-intl to v3 (#3866) · 5e89abcb
      Hyeseong Kim authored
      * Upgrade react-intl to v3
      * Update test helpers and related tests
      * Fix lint
      * Explicitly set testComponent to span
      * Fix tests for LeavePrivateChannelModal component
      * Fix intl-test-helper to unwrap injectIntl properly without mocking
      * Fix snapshots using new helper
      * Fix a test for NewMessageSeparator component
      * Add options to mountWithIntl to be any element
      * Fix snapshots for test helper update
      * Fix tests for GetLinkModal component
      * Add helpful exception to shallowWithIntl helper
      * Cleanup helpers and snapshots
      * Fix tests and snpashots
      - Replace shallowWithIntl to shallow for components which aren't wrapped.
      - Remove `dive()` call. this is not necessary for shallowWithIntl anymore.
      * Fix tests and snapshots about LocalizedInput
      - Fix localized input to use forwardedRef
      - shallowWithIntl/mountWithIntl now attemps to unwrap forwardRef
      - Remove legacy ref API usage for LocalizedInput component
      - Fix related tests
      * Fix tests and snapshots
      - Remove unnecessary `.dive()` calls
      * Fix lint and typings
      * Change inline snapshots to file snapshot
      * Fix broken tests since rebase
      * Remove an unused contextTypes definition
      * Refactor test code for <FormattedMarkdownMessage/> component
      * More discriptive displayName for the <LocalizedInput> component
      * Update some outdated snapshots
      * Fix a type error since last rebase
      * Re-gen clean lock file
      * Fix unresolved apis
      * Fix type error
  14. 22 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Karl Marx Lopez's avatar
      Migrate 'utils/notifications.jsx' and associated tests to TypeScript (#3857) · fe547996
      Karl Marx Lopez authored
      * chore: changed extension to .tsx
      * chore: changed extension .tsx
      * chore: patch for key-mirror
      * chore: run patch-package on postinstall
      * fix: declare module for .svg files
      * fix: type errors
      * fix: type errors on notifications.tsx
      * fix: updated utils/notifications import
      * fix: updated utils/constants imports
      * chore: removed .tsx extension on import
      * chore: set onClick as optional
      * fix: duplicate utils/constants import
      * chore: installed @types/react-redux
      * fix: renamed to system_notice.ts
      * chore: moved .svg type def to /types dir
      * chore: ignore mattermost-redux ts error for now
      * chore: removed key-mirror type patch
      * fix: moved key-mirror type def into /types dir
      * chore: fix lint error
      * chore: forgot header
      * chore: fix lint errors
      * chore: fixed merge conflict
      * chore: add empty space for import groups
      * chore: fixed dragster import
      * chore: fixed eslint error
      * chore: fixed formatting
      * test: updated snapshot
      * chore: revert system_notice/index.ts to .js
      * chore: revert to constants.jsx
      * chore: revert utils.jsx
      * chore: revert login_controller.jsx
      * chore: fixed utils/notification import
      * chore: pin @types/react-redux to v7.1.4
      * chore: fixed formatting
      * refactor: fixed double utils/constants import
      * test: updated snapshot
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  18. 16 Sep, 2019 1 commit
    • Anurag Bhandari's avatar
      [GH-11997] Replace explicit `this` binding in component methods (#3670) · 28e1741b
      Anurag Bhandari authored
      * Replace `this` binding in About Modal components
      * Replace `this` binding in Admin Console components
      * Replace `this` binding in AV Preview component
      * Replace `this` binding in Authorize component
      * Replace `this` binding in BackstageList component
      * Replace `this` binding in Claim components
      * Replace `this` binding in CodePreview component
      * Replace `this` binding in DeleteChannelModal
      * Replace `this` binding in Emoji Picker components
      * Replace `this` binding in FileAttachmentList
      * Replace `this` binding in GetPostLinkModal
      * Replace `this` binding in Gif Picker components
      * Replace `this` binding in Integrations components
      * Replace `this` binding in GetMessageOption cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in MultiSelectList cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in PDFPreview cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in NewMessagesBelow cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in ProfilePopover cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in SearchableChannelList
      * Replace `this` binding in SearchableUserList cpts
      * Replace `this` binding in SettingsUpload cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in SettingsSidebar cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in SignupController cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in Suggestion components
      * Replace `this` binding in Team GeneralTab cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in TeamImportTab cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in TeamButton cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in ModalToggleButton cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in UserListRowWithError cpt
      * Replace `this` binding in UserList cpt
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  23. 20 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Sudheer's avatar
      MM-12710 Migration of team_actions to redux (#1930) · 0d2442e3
      Sudheer authored
      * MM-12710 Migrate team_actions to redux
        * removeUserFromTeam(Updated)
        * addUserToTeamFromInvite(Updated)
        * addUsersToTeam(Updated)
        * getInviteInfo(Removed using a redux action instead)
        * switchTeams(Updated)
        * inviteMembers(Removed using a redux action instead)
        * Move removeUserFromTeam to manage_teams_modal
         * Fix for a test issue found where userId is being passed instead of testId
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  28. 22 Jun, 2018 2 commits
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      MM-10368: react-router subpath (#1348) · e8e1219d
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * use Link in Textbox
      Introduce react-router-enzyme-context to enable unit testing of same
      with `mount` vs. `shallow`.
      * leverage browserHistory in SystemUsersDropdown
      Note that the demotion modal isn't actually being shown at present: the
      transition of self from system admin to regular member is done without
      confirmation after a partial refactor last year.
      * leverage browserHistory in Authorize
      * leverage Link in SignupController
      * leverage browserHistory in UserSettingsSecurity
      * extract base path from config's SiteURL on logout
      * move __webpack_public_path__ into entry.js
      This ensures that the other imports aren't hoisted above the definition.
      Additionally re-export the public path back onto window.publicPath to
      cover development environments.
      * rely on window.basename in autolinkChannelMentions
      While globals should generally be avoided, this is one of only two
      places where `window.basename` is used. Moving it into the store and
      rewriting the text rendering to pass down (or wrap) the necessary state
      may be premature, given the pre-existing need for this variable to be
      * update getSiteURL to respect subpath
      Additionally leverage getSiteURL over accessing window.* directly.
      * strip any trailing slash before appending the ws pathname
      * lint fixes
      * use window.location.originw when SiteURL not defined
    • Asaad Mahmood's avatar
      MM-10064 - Updating title for icons (#1256) · 983635d8
      Asaad Mahmood authored
      * MM-10064 - Updating title for icons
      * Updating activity log icon
      * Updating menu icon
      * Updating unrelated code change
      * Updating plus icon
      * Updating tests
      * Updating localised strings
      * Updating Utils typo
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  30. 30 Apr, 2018 1 commit
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      add eslint-plugin-header, and --fix all (#1140) · e76203ba
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * add eslint-plugin-header, and --fix all
      While the checking feature of this plugin seems to work great, its --fix
      will sometimes removing leading comments when the license header doesn't
      match. I've hand-edited the over-zealous removals, so this won't be an
      issue going forward except for new files with missing headers but
      leading comments.
      * fixes from latest master changes
      * latest changes from master
  31. 18 Apr, 2018 1 commit
  32. 21 Feb, 2018 1 commit
  33. 16 Feb, 2018 2 commits
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      Remove mm_config and mm_license global state from webapp (PR #7) (#828) · 0c1a5ca4
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * MM-8589: user_settings: switch bind to arrow functions
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_(config|license) from user_settings components
      This also cleans up the `user_settings` directory structure, connecting
      various components to the store to access the configuration.
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from sign up components
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from webrtc component
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from rhs root post component
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from create post component
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from get android app componen
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from rhs comment component
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from channel header component
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_config from view image popover bar component
      * MM-8589: use the get(Config|License) selector
      * MM-8589: expunge unnecessary ownProps
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      Remove mm_config and mm_license global state from webapp (PR #1) (#816) · 014da091
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * MM-8589: change i18n/getLanguages to use store
      This also removes the caching of the available languages data structure,
      as it obviously needs to be able to change. It's not on a frequently
      used code path so the caching appears to (at least now) be unnecessary.
      * MM-8589: eliminate UserStore.getNoAccounts()
      No changes to the use of global variables here. Rather, I'm just pushing
      down an indirect use of same.
      * MM-8589: expunge global mm_(config|license) from claim components
      This also eliminates `LdapPasswordFieldName` as the server-side
      configuration does not exist.
      * MM-8589: clarify props passed to claim components
      * MM-8589: expunge unnecessary ownProps
      * MM-8589: use the get(Config|License) selector
  34. 09 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      ABC-244: fix team invite link handling · 6141dc0b
      Jesse Hallam authored
      The `hash` and `data` parameters, being `null`, were cast to strings
      downstream in mattermost-redux as part of `buildQueryString`, resulting
      in a value of `null` being passed up instead of the expected empty
      string. The server correctly rejected the hash as invalid.
      This change copies the more correct handling from the login controller.
      Perhaps an even better solution would be to update `buildQueryString` in
      mattermost-redux to check `null` parameters and send up empty strings
      automatically, however that's probably not the change we want near the
      end of a release. I'll propose the change in `master` separately
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