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  4. 26 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Michael Kochell's avatar
      [MM-12396] Option to add user to a channel from the profile pop-over (#1918) · 0a1acaaa
      Michael Kochell authored
      * basic feature complete
      Add to channel button is shown when user has manage private or public channel members permission.
      Channel filtering is based on permissions.
       #Styling of error message.
      add tests for profile_popover and add_user_to_channel_modal
      channel search with permissions provider is tested
      permission gate used in favor of boolean prop for showing "add user to channel" button in profile popover
      remove webrtc from i18n and profile_popover props
      use form tag to make sure pressing enter submits the form
      update snapshot
      requested changes added
      move tests to be next to source code
      fix onHide call in handleInviteError. change class names to id's
      make variable/property name changes and method name changes
      * fix merge conflicts
  5. 23 Nov, 2018 3 commits
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      MM-12233: local user mention results (#1974) · a89ee406
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * MM-12233: supply local at mention results immediately
      * temporary redux commit
      * show special mentions after channel members
      * fix edit channel header modal textbox interaction
      * updated mattermost-redux commit
      * address review feedback
    • Joram Wilander's avatar
      MM-12844/MM-13001 Add interactive dialogs (#2049) · 3337e111
      Joram Wilander authored
      * Add UI widget for TextSetting
      * Add UI widget for AutocompleteSelector
      * Add interactive dialogs
      * Move common functions to mattermost-redux
      * Handle race where trigger ID is returned before dialog WS event arrives
      * Updates per feedback
      * Updating modal css
      * Updating modal height on mobile
      * Updating dialog css for mobile
      * Updating modal padding
      * Updating dialog css to flex
    • Chetanya Kandhari's avatar
      MM-12400: Custom terms of service feature: add Re-Acceptance interval settings... · 8e3dd95f
      Chetanya Kandhari authored
      MM-12400: Custom terms of service feature: add Re-Acceptance interval settings and remove header and footer (#1971)
      * MM-12400: Custom terms of service feature Phase 2
      - Remove Footer text and title
      - Add reacceptance interval setting in the Admin Console
      - Update names as used in the redux PR
      - Remove redux actions to use BindActionCreators
      - Update styles
      - Update tests
      - Update reacceptance flag
      * MM-12413 (#3)
      * Remove fixed footer
      * Finish footer CSS changes
      * MM-12411 Update help texts
      * MM-12415 Remove Beta Labels
      * Fix check-style
      * Update terms of service page background colors
      Add colons in Admin Console settings
      * MM-12414 Remove redux hack
      * Fix check-style
      * Update styles
      * Update tests
      * Fix css height
      * review feedback
  6. 22 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Hyeseong Kim's avatar
      Refactor Modals, ChannelHeader and Navbar component (#1666) · a0b36ae4
      Hyeseong Kim authored
      * Refactor duplicated RenameChannelModal component
      Remove duplicated RenameChannelModal code from Navbar and ChannelHeader, Use ModalController instead
      * Refactor duplicated EditChannelPurposeModal comp
      - Remove duplicated EditChannelPurposeModal code from ChannelHeader and
      - Use ModalController instead of to use it directly
      - Change the modal to PureComponent
      * Refactor duplicated ChannelMembersModal component
      - Remove ChannelMembersModal code from ChannelHeader and Navbar
      - Now the modal is managed by the ModalController instead of directly by the component.
      - Add docs for props of ChannelMemebersModal
      * Refactor ChannelNotificationsModal comp
      - Change the ChannelNotificationsModal component to PureComponent
      - Add docs for props of ChannelNotificationsModal
      - Remove duplicated ChannelNotificationModal code from ChannelHeader and
      * Move QuickSwitchModal to ModalController
      * Refactor ModalController component
      - Change to PureComponent
      - Add docs for props
      * Change Navbar component to PureComponent
      * Migrate NavBar code to be use mattermost-redux
      * Refactor actions in NavBar
      * Extract SetChannelHeaderOption component from NavBar
      * Extract ViewChannelInfoOption component from NavBar
      * Extract NotificationPreferencesOption component from NavBar
      * Extract ChannelMembersOption component from NavBar
      * Extract ViewPinnedPostsOption component from NavBar
      * Extract AddMembersOption component from NavBar
      * Extract SetChannelPurposeOption component from NavBar
      * Extract RenameChannelOption component from NavBar
      * Extract ConvertChannelOption component from NavBar
      * Extract DeleteChannelOption component from NavBar
      * Extract LeaveChannelOption component from NavBar
      * Extract ToggleFavoriteChannel component from NavBar
      * Fix typo in ModalIdentifiers
      * Extract WebrtcOption component from NavBar
      * Building clean dropdown code, start from AddMembers
      * ... ViewChannelInfo
      * ... ViewPinnedPosts
      * ... NotificationPreferences
      * ... ToggleFavoriteChannel
      * ... SetChannelHeader
      * ... SetChannelPurpose
      * ... ViewMembers
      * ... ManageMembers
      * ... ConvertChannel
      * ... RenameChannel
      * ... DeleteChannel
      * ... LeaveChannel
      * ... WebRTC
      * Add draft of ChannelHeaderDropdown component
      * Connect MobileChannelHeaderComponent to redux store
      * Change the default rendering of dropdown
      * Clean Navbar component with the new dropdown component
      * Remove more
      * Extract ShowSearchButton component from Navbar
      * Remove undefined prop
      * Remove unnecessary wrapper
      * Comment on collapseButtons
      * Refactor Navbar even more
      - Extract collapse buttons
      - Remove code that is unused or never called
      - Remove jQuery
      * Fix character of close button
      * Make channel prop to be required
      * Remove unused codes
      * Fix ToggleFavorite menu
      * [MM-11162] Add mute icon to mobile view (#1744)
      * add mute icon to mobile view
      * use let or const as necessary and do some clean up
      * Cherry-picked MM-11577: Back to previous channel on archive (#1775)
      * Fix the composition of navbar
      - Notification preference would not be updated when change
      * Fix NotificationPreference modal
      * Extract ToggleMuteChannel comp from ChannelHeader
      * Cleanup ChannelHeader with new ChannelHeaderDropdown
      * Update snapshot of NotificationPreferences menu
      * Refactor ChannelHeader component
      * Fix tests
      * MM-12150 - Updating x icon and plugins (#1841)
      * Fix tests
      * Rename Navbar to ChannelHeaderMobile
      - Rename `navbar` to `channel_header_mobile`
      - Rename `navbar_info_button` to `channel_info_button`
      * MM-12503: Show Mute/Unmute menu item for GMs too. (#1847)
      * Remove comment from view
      * Change ext of modified components to .js instead of .jsx
      * MM-12494 Removing some flux store usage. (#1882)
      * Removing some flux store usage.
      * Feedback fixes
      * Fix some filename extensions
      * Migrate ChannelActions joinChannel and leaveChannel to redux (#1898)
      * Migrate ChannelActions favorite and unfavorite channel to redux
      * Fix unit test after rebase
      * Migrate ChannelActions joinChannel and leaveChannel to redux
      * Fix a updated snaphost
      * Update ModalController snapshot
      * Cherry-picked: MM-12497 Remove flux store usages from user settings (#1915)
      * Remove Flux store usages from account settings modal
      * Fix test
      * Remove global action for opening account settings modal
      * Fix notifications not updating correctly
      * Refactor executeCommand to remove import cycle
      * Drop WebRTC from ChannelHeader
      * Remove deprecated lifecycle method from ChannelHeader
      * Replace hardcoded isMobile to utils
      * Fix import annotations
      * Migrate current channel state selectors to use mattermost-redux
      * Remove unused declarations
      * Change ToggleMuteChannel component to PureComponent class style to avoid arrow function in render
      * Remove unnecessary arrow function in render
      * Rollback mapStateToProps to plain function
      * Change UnmuteChannelButton component to PureComponent class style to avoid arrow function in render
      * Change file ext for UnmuteChannelButton to .js
      * Move back QuickSwitchModal to ChannelHeader (Desktop only), and use redux action
      * Change ShowSearchButton component to PureComponent class style to avoid arrow function in render
      * Rollback mapStateToProps for ViewPinnedPosts to plain function
      * Cherry-picked: Remove flux usages from email invite modal (#1954)
      * Fix Channel Header
      * Fix ShowSearchButton in ChannelHeaderMobile
      * Fix ChannelMembersModal on PopoverListMembers
      * Migrate test files to component path
      * fix eslint style error on test mock
      * Update per feedback
      * Fix ChannelMembersModal test, IDK when it have been break exactly
      * Fix errors on dropdown
      * Fix view_and_manage_members to show different name by permission
      * Fix to show RenameChannel on defaultChannel
      * Refactor ChannelMembersModal to use redux action
      * Fix ChannelNotificationModal to handle hide anim correctly
      * Fix ViewAndManageMembers to be view mode only in default channel
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  15. 28 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Chetanya Kandhari's avatar
      MM-12130: Create a new page for displaying terms of service (#1735) · af50cec6
      Chetanya Kandhari authored
      * MM-12130: Create a new page for displaying terms of service
      - Replace the Back Button with a Logout Button
      - Add default props
      Update shouldComponentUpdate
      - Make Mattermost navigate to this page if user is already logged in has not accepted TOS and TOS is enabled
      - Make Mattermost navigate to this page after logging in if user has not accepted TOS and TOS is enabled
      - Add Loading screen and test cases.
      - Handle Redirect while opening routes, App Navigation and login flow
      - Added new config fields for service terms
      - made service terms text field disabled if custom terms are disabled
      - Integrate API request for Agree and Disagree Actions
      - Use the currently logged in user instead of sending userId.
      - Updated service terms messages to indicate that it is a beta feature
      - Add tests
      * Add action for new API call for getServiceTerms
      Update tests accordingly
      * Add test and fix check-style
      * Update terms of service link
      * Minor Fixes
      * - Sent boolean for registerUserAction instead of string
      - Update tests
      * Remove Redirect Action
      * hid custom service terms setting if feature is not enabled
      * Update admin_definition.jsx
      * Fix check-style
      * check CustomTermsOfService in license
      *     Minor Fixes
          - Do not update terms seen by user when config is updated
          - Update terms Help text
          - Do not stop loaders just before redirecting to another page
          - Footer buttons and text on terms_of_service page are aligned to bottom
          - Update tests accordingly
      * Remove terms of service redirect from login controller
  16. 27 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  17. 26 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      MM-6950: restore last viewed on logout (#1764) · 65d499d2
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * fold clientLogout into emitUserLoggedOutEvent
      * skip exclude on BrowserStore
      `recentEmojis` wasn't actually within the domain of the BrowerStore anyway, and `selected_teams` appears to be unused.
      * save last team and team channel per user to local storage
      Ideally, this would be entirely handled by redux-persist, but we purge
      the entire data structure on logout, and this needs to persist past
      that. An approach that leverages redux-persist might stop using purge,
      but we'd need to make sure to clean things up effectively.
  18. 25 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Joram Wilander's avatar
      MM-8477 Add interactive menus to message attachments (#1612) · bacf14d4
      Joram Wilander authored
      * Add interactive menus to message attachments
      * Updating styling for attachment dropdown
      * Updating input box changes
      * Updates per feedback
      * Updating styling for actions
      * Updating pointer events for arrow icon
      * Updating webhooks
      * Updating css for mention list item
      * Add ability to show a no results message in the suggestion box
      * Update snapshots
      * Add submitted message after a valid option is selected
      * Updating UI for action messages
      * Add view reducer for menu actions
      * Updating feedback in RHS
      * Update per feedback
  19. 24 Sep, 2018 2 commits
  20. 21 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  21. 19 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Jerry Kurian's avatar
      [MM-9751] : Email verification prompt disappears before email is verified (#1402) · 5c17807f
      Jerry Kurian authored
      * add componentWillMount lifecycle to render email verification modal if required
      fix lint error
      Modal appears when component mounts. General settings show email needs to be verified
      Add newline
      Add propTypes
      Revert package-lock.json
      Update text in modal and general settings.
      Fix lint errors
      Update strings and UI
      Create function to generate resend HTML
      Update message field to display anchor and callback after formatted message
      Fix tests
      Update handleResend to take in email which is send in resendVerification action
      Fix tests
      Update createResend and handleResend
      Fix tests
      Reset package-lock
      Update defaultMessage
      Make more DRY
      Move createResend into scope
      Reset package-lock again...
      Update modal rendered on general settings change
      Add spinner to general settings
      fix lint errors
      Add verification error to announcement_bar
      Remove hard-coded email
      Move user to announcement_bar
      Update Prop-types
      Remove user from index.js
      Force rebuild
      Move user into scope
      Move check to announcement_bar
      Add log to see verification
      remove log
      Ensure user is defined
      Remove !
      remove log
      remove symbol
      remove blank line
      Move error bar loading to render
      Update error bar in user settings
      Fix lint
      fix lint
      Update prop type
      Update prop type
      Remove unused translations
      Use user from props
      Add newline
      Add check for message
      Add space and close notification bar on clicking send again
      Fix lint
      Do not close banner on clicking resend
      Clear error on verified email
      fix lint
      Update import
      Add success bar on email verification
      fix lint
      fix lint
      Make announcement bar more general by adding announcement bar CSS and notification bar types
      Extract announcement bar types to constants
      Import announcement bar styles
      Update bar types
      Update snapshot
      Dispatch getMe when the email is verified to allow for the user to be updated before page render
      Add getMe
      Update constants
      Update test
      Emit change and update user general settings error bar
      Ugly set timeouts to get the email verified to display
      Clean up
      fix lint
      reset package-lock
      Refactor to push createResend() to outer scope
      Refactor error handlign to function
      fix formatting
      Update redirect to ensure email is verified first
      Update loading screen mount
      Update snapshot
      Ensure there is a currentUserId
      refactor email verified notification into function
      Update check to ensure profile exists
      Refactor code
      Handle redirect after email_verified
      Only redirect on success and emailVerified
      fix lint
      fix lint
      Update test
      Update emailVerified
      Update test
      Clean up
      Clear error before redirect
      Refactor to use selectors
      Reorder PropTypes
      Implement success bar
      fix test
      Ensure user logged in or email is verified
      Add getCurrentUserId
      Update test
      Show success bar
      Clear success bar after 3 seconds
      Update test and lint
      Remove unused import
      Remove success bar after 4 seconds
      Refactor announcement bar messages
      Refactor css class names
      Update translations
      Update constants export
      Update general settings
      Update variable name
      Use redux selector
      Reorder imports
      Update track event
      Remove getMe
      Remove getMe
      Redirect if not logged in
      Only show notification when logged in
      Rearrange import order, update error handling
      Silence success notification if not logged in
      Update test
      Insert new line before import group
      Update error handling
      Update error message
      Update constants name
      Rename i18n name
      Fix bad merge
      Use Errorstore to emit error in settings
      * Rename some functions and variables
      Update function name
      * Use mattermost-redux instead of importing actions from webapp
      Import action from mattermost-redux user_settings and modal
      Add PropTypes to general and modal
      Add bindActionCreators
      * Remove isEmailVerified function from Utils
      * Update spacing
      Use CSS to implement spacing
      Fix indentation
      * Remove span and use React.Fragment
      * Move logic in componentWillMount to constructor
      * Move emailChangeInProgress logic to setUpInitialState
  22. 14 Sep, 2018 3 commits
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  24. 30 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  25. 20 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  26. 16 Aug, 2018 2 commits
  27. 13 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  28. 01 Aug, 2018 2 commits
    • Martin Kraft's avatar
      MM-11069: Adds ability to view archived channels. (#1415) · 7ed1fb8a
      Martin Kraft authored
      * MM-11069: Adds ability to view archived channels.
      * MM-11069: Show the 'leave channel' option for archived channels.
      * MM-11069: Fixes whitespace lint error.
      * MM-11069: Adds new param to include deleted channels.
      * MM-11069: Adds more snaps.
      * MM-11069: Update snap after rebase.
      * MM-11069: Removes emoji picker from archived posts.
      * MM-11069: Removes ability add or remove reactions for archived channels.
      * MM-11069: Updates Redux.
      * Updating UI for archived search
      * MM-11069: Changes archived warning message.
      * MM-11069: Handle archived channels in the join-attempt flow.
      * MM-11069: Update snapshots per front-end changes.
      * MM-11069: Updates redux.
      * MM-11069: Fix for test added to master.
    • Saturnino Abril's avatar
      [MM-10621] Update file preview to have the fileInfos sorted by "create_at" (if... · b659be75
      Saturnino Abril authored
      [MM-10621] Update file preview to have the fileInfos sorted by "create_at" (if not created at the same time) or by "name" (#1483)
      * update file preview to have the fileInfos sorted by "create_at" (if not created at the same time) or by "name"
      * remove index as key to file preview, remove unnecessary MAX_DISPLAY_FILES constant and update redux to take effect store changes
  29. 12 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  30. 06 Jul, 2018 1 commit