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Add relationship links to get_entry_list method

parent f328474f
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ get_available_modules(filter="default")
for m in modules:
print m.module_key
get_entry(module, object_id, links=dict(), track_view=False)
get_entry(module, object_id, links={}, track_view=False)
Retrieves a single object based on object ID.
.. code-block:: python
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ get_entry(module, object_id, links=dict(), track_view=False)
# Get a lead and specific fields from linked contacts in one query
links = { 'Contacts': ['id', 'first_name', 'last_name'] }
links = {'Contacts': ['id', 'first_name', 'last_name']}
lead = sugar.get_entry("Leads", "d7dac88d-ce33-d98a-da8b-5418bba9e664",
for c in lead.contacts:
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ get_entries_count(query_object, deleted=False)
for contact in contacts:
print contact.first_name, contact.last_name
get_entry_list(query_object, field_list=[], order_by="", max_results=0, offset=0, deleted=False, favorites=False)
get_entry_list(query_object, fields=[], links={}, order_by="", max_results=0, offset=0, deleted=False, favorites=False)
Retrieves a list of objects based on query specifications.
.. code-block:: python
......@@ -171,6 +171,16 @@ get_entry_list(query_object, field_list=[], order_by="", max_results=0, offset=0
for note in notes:
# Get a list of all Opportunities created since Sept 1, 2014 and include
# data about link contacts with each Opportunitity returned
q = sugarcrm.Opportunity()
q.query = "opportunities.date_entered > '2014-09-01'"
links = {'Contacts': ['id', 'first_name', 'last_name']}
results = sugar.get_entry_list(q, links=links)
for o in results:
for c in o.contacts:
print,, c.first_name, c.last_name
login(username, password, app="Python", lang="en_us")
Logs a user into the SugarCRM application.
......@@ -102,19 +102,32 @@ class API:
data = [self.session_id, q.module, q.query, int(deleted)]
return int(self._request('get_entries_count', data)['result_count'])
def get_entry_list(self, q, fields=(), order_by="",
def get_entry_list(self, q, fields=(), links=dict(), order_by="",
max_results=0, offset=0,
deleted=False, favorites=False):
"""Retrieves a list of objects based on query specifications."""
relationships = []
for key, value in links.items():
relationships.append({'name': key.lower(), 'value': value})
data = [self.session_id, q.module, q.query, order_by, offset, fields,
[], max_results, int(deleted), int(favorites)]
results = self._request('get_entry_list', data)['entry_list']
relationships, max_results, int(deleted), int(favorites)]
results = self._request('get_entry_list', data)
entry_list = results['entry_list']
ret = []
for result in results:
for i, result in enumerate(entry_list):
obj = SugarObject()
obj.module = q.module
for key in result['name_value_list']:
setattr(obj, key, result['name_value_list'][key]['value'])
if results['relationship_list']:
for m in results['relationship_list'][i]['link_list']:
setattr(obj, m['name'], [])
for record in m['records']:
robj = SugarObject()
robj.module = m['name']
for k in record['link_value']:
setattr(robj, k, record['link_value'][k]['value'])
getattr(obj, m['name']).append(robj)
return ret
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