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......@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ to forward your request to be able to post there.
* Ask @gerddie
* The whole host build system is designed around [Gentoo](, so getting a bit familiar with ebuilds and emerge helps a lot.
* <a name="crosdev">1</a>[ChromiumOS development guide](
* <a name="borealis-hacking">2</a>[Borealis-hacking](
* <a name="devmod">3</a>[Enable Devmod on Chrombook][]
* <a name="bootext">4</a>[Enable Boot from external device](
* <a name="crosdev">1 </a>[ChromiumOS development guide](
* <a name="borealis-hacking">2 </a>[Borealis-hacking](
* <a name="devmod">3 </a>[Enable Devmod on Chrombook](
* <a name="bootext">4 </a>[Enable Boot from external device](
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