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    configure: Add copyright and license block to configure.ac · 670826b4
    Carl Worth authored
    Prior to copying in code from the xserver configure.ac file, it makes
    sense to have the license of this file clearly marked, (to show that
    it's licensed identically to the configure.ac file from the xserver
    And since the text of the license refers to "the above copyright
    notice" it also makes sense to have an actual copyright attribution in
    I generated this list of names by looking at the output of:
    	git shortlog -n --format=%aD -- configure.ac
    (and arbitrarily stopping for contributors with fewer than 15
    commits). Then for each name, I looked for existing Copyright
    attributions in the mesa source tree with the same name, (and using
    "Intel Corporation" as the copyright holder where I knew that was
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