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    r600g: adapt to latest interfaces changes · b8fb1d75
    Marek Olšák authored
    - Wrapped the buffer and texture create/destroy/transfer/... functions
      using u_resource, which is then used to implement the resource functions.
    - Implemented texture transfers.
      I left the buffer and texture transfers separate because one day we'll
      need a special codepath for textures.
    - Added index_bias to the draw_*elements functions.
    - Removed nonexistent *REP and *FOR instructions.
    - Some pipe formats have changed channel ordering, so I've removed/fixed
      nonexistent ones.
    - Added stubs for create/set/destroy sampler views.
    - Added a naive implementation of vertex elements state (new CSO).
    - Reworked {texture,buffer}_{from,to}_handle.
    - Reorganized winsys files, removed dri,egl,python directories.
    - Added a new build target dri-r600.
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